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research into questions posed by scientific theories and hypotheses

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Spurred by this observation, an action research project was conducted by this researcher at Butte Community College in Northern California to determine how community college transfer service providers could increase student awareness of the changes to the university admission process and lower-division prerequisites to ensure the students experience a seamless transition to the university of their choice.
The research project will enhance the capacity of the CRC to develop next generation tele-operation technologies that will potentially be applied to mining, construction, outer space and underwater usage.
A Doctor of Arts program in teacher education would consist of three distinct components: (1) Interdisciplinary Content Knowledge Component, (2) Pedagogical Knowledge Component, and (3) the Research Project Component.
(provides information about a research project for testing the feasibility and effectiveness of emulation as a preservation strategy)
Consul General of Turkey Emir Ozbey chaired the launch ceremony and awareness seminar of the research project at the GCU's Bukhari Auditorium on Monday.
This is to mention here that Dr Rani had also got research project under National Research Programme for Universities on 'Impact of Technical Training Skills Development for Women Empowerment' in the year 2015.
Research projects often involve both fieldwork and data collection that require permission from organizations licensing research for specific regions.
In the telecommunications and information systems sector, the award went to research project titled "Lateral Rapid Extraction Stage, Using Hilbert Signal Information" by the main researcher Munthir Qudaisat from the College of Applied Sciences in Sohar.
Muscat: In all, 132 research projects have applied to The Research Council (TRC) for the National Research Award (NRA).
Aligned with Common Core standards, something many schools are very much using, this book takes teacher librarians and teachers into developing research projects that involve the guided inquiry approach.
This interactive guidebook is ideal for all business and management students about to complete a dissertation or research project. Written in an engaging and friendly style with detailed support, it takes the reader from the very beginning to the very end of a research project.
Grants are available for any research project, whether it is formally registered and recognised or it is simply normal individual academic research.
PEOPLE who have taken out payday loans in the past are being asked to take part in a new research project led by Teesside University.
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