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Synonyms for rescission

the act of reversing or annulling

Synonyms for rescission

(law) the act of rescinding

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The order for rescission, once granted, will result in the transaction which closed on August 1, 2019 being treated as if it never occurred.
A senior administration official confirmed that the so-called rescissions package would be announced early next week.
According to Politico, advocates expect the Trump administration to submit its rescission package early next week as the fiscal year approaches its end on September 30.
Speaker, that explains why I am moving this motion for rescission of the decision taken,' he noted.
If the petition for rescission is granted, the parental authority of the child's biological parents will be restored, if they are known and if the child is still a minor or incapacitated.
Defendants claim that rescission is not available because the VHDA was a bona fide purchaser for value.
Christian argues that the circuit court erred by not ruling on his request for rescission of the purchase contract.
Consequently, defendant had rescinded the policy ab initio, pursuant to Florida Statutes Annotated, title 37, [section] 627.409, which permits the retroactive rescission of an insurance policy if there has been a material misrepresentation in the application for insurance.
Decreased Exposure to Liquidity Risk: In Fitch's opinion, changes in the sixth rescission waiver and amendment agreement regarding the amounts in deposit in the Debt Service Reserve Account (DSRA), the release of amounts in deposit in the DSRA and debt service payments to quarterly from monthly, decrease the transaction's exposure to liquidity risk.
"FDA's acceptance of the ALKS 5461 NDA and rescission of the Refusal to File letter issued March 30, 2018 follows productive interactions with the Agency in which Alkermes clarified certain aspects of the NDA submission.
The federation and some sympathetic organizations in the province had also demanded for the rescission of the contract with Markbilt due to runaway slippage-more than 50 percent at the time of Ineng-but the NIA authorities refused to heed the clamor.
Even though a coverage rescission and a cancellation of a sham enrollment may look similar, the regulations that govern those transactions are different.
It is up to Pruitt to propose amendments to or rescission of the CPP.
This procedure basically causes the 90-day letter to become null and void, as if it never occurred, except that, if the 1RS grants the rescission, the running of the statute of limitation is suspended for the period the notice is outstanding prior to rescission.