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Synonyms for rescission

the act of reversing or annulling

Synonyms for rescission

(law) the act of rescinding

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At the forum, Consul General Bensurto reassured Filipinos affected by the rescission of DACA that the Philippine Government is closely monitoring the situation, and that Secretary Cayetano personally instructed all U.
98-54 offers three situations that can result in a rescission of a 90-day letter:
98-54 lists three situations that can result in a rescission of a 90-day letter and several in which the IRS will not grant rescission.
In heart and mind, GGGHI notarial rescission of the contracts to sell is legally flawed.
Those organizations and individuals who understand the value of the Constitution and the threat to it represented by the ConCon movement must push back with a re invigorated Con-Con rescission movement.
The technical question the justices had to decide was did the borrowers only need to write a letter to the lender to request a rescission under the federal statute or did they have to take formal legal action.
Because rescission remains the only leverage that a borrower has over a lender in a mortgage transaction, the answer to this question is vitally important to borrowers.
National MI has introduced a delegated assurance review process for its delegated customers that provides lenders with underwriting protection starting from Day 1, and rescission relief for every insured loan when a borrower has made timely payments for the first 12 months.
ACLHIC President Brad Wenger said in a statement that member insurers have no problem with the underlying law on policy rescissions and cancellations but believe that the guidance is unclear in places and difficult to implement in others, and that the court ruling is also unclear.
Thus, for business reasons, a carrier may choose not to pursue rescission even if it believes it could.
If a borrower terminates and repays the reverse mortgage within the rescission period, the insurance premium will be exempted.
CALIFORNIA SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE Michael Kenny has sided with insurers on some issues and with regulators on others in a ruling on tough new California rescission regulations.
As this last example reveals, the right to elect rescission and
Second, even if plaintiff does have the right to rescind, does the 2008 global financial crisis serve as an adequate basis for rescission pursuant to the impossibility of performance doctrine?