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Synonyms for rescission

the act of reversing or annulling

Synonyms for rescission

(law) the act of rescinding

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It said, "The rescission and the proposed share acquisition were deliberated and negotiated between WII and the vendors.
The rescission doctrine has its genesis in contract law, but in certain circumstances has clear application in the tax world.
The rescission doctrine has its genesis in contract law but in certain circumstances has clear application in the tax world.
The technical question the justices had to decide was did the borrowers only need to write a letter to the lender to request a rescission under the federal statute or did they have to take formal legal action.
Thus, for business reasons, a carrier may choose not to pursue rescission even if it believes it could.
which would allow easy availability of rescission followed by
On the first issue, defendant contends that Younan, the assignor of the contract, waived its right to seek rescission and that therefore plaintiff, as assignee of the contract, lacks standing to seek rescission.
The developer stated that it would offer rescission if closings did not take place by April 30, 2006, which was the first day of the project's anticipated budget year.
Since 1974, presidents have submitted rescission proposals totaling $76 billion, of which Congress accepted and rescinded $25 billion.
Health Net, hospitals settle suit: Health Net and the California Hospital Association reached a class-action settlement relating to rescission of patients' policies, officials said Tuesday,
Information omitted from an application, even by mistake, could be grounds for rescission, and employee bonuses were tied to the rescission investigations.
The department is also ordering a re-review of all other rescissions over the past 4 years as part of its ongoing investigation into the rescission practices of five of the largest health plans that offer individual coverage to state residents.
The Internal Revenue Service published two noteworthy private letter rulings within the last year granting rescission relief for taxpayers seeking to unwind their conversion to a subchapter C corporation without suffering the unfavorable double tax consequences otherwise associated with such an unwind.
In addition to the potential of personal contributions to settlements, directors and officers have increasingly bad to face the risk of rescission of their D&O coverage.