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assign a new time and place for an event

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New figures show that nationally 160,000 companies used the service to reschedule more than pounds 5bn of tax, including 32,100 in the north west.
The investigation will look at the fact that several public authorities agreed to waive and reschedule part of their outstanding debts in the context of the privatisation of the company in 2003(1).
The decision had not been taken lightly and they were working hard to reschedule Fflam for later in the summer.
EsquireConnect users can quickly and easily reschedule depositions as often as needed, with all schedule changes confirmed by email - a critical feature given the frequency that depositions are rescheduled.
Tuesday's match with visiting Hart (6-1, 3-0) was rained out, and the Indians weren't able to reschedule the first-place showdown until Monday.
The government plans to reschedule exports of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to allow Asean Aceh Fertilizer (AAF) in Aceh) to have gas supply and resume operation.
The Norwegian offshore drilling contractor Frontier Drilling ASA announced on Monday (28 July) that it had entered into a short-term agreement with its lending banks to reschedule the maturity of three credit facilities.
Finance Minister Michel Martu and the Paris Club creditors sign an agreement in Paris to reschedule $1.
1) International organisations and the lender countries may reschedule sovereign debt of countries for the following reasons: First, debt rescheduling may help to achieve global efficiency of resource use.
The event had been scheduled to start September 30 in Seattle, but the organization chose instead to reschedule the Congress for January 13-16, 2002.
Japan exchanged diplomatic notes with Indonesia on Friday to reschedule repayment of 304.
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has been hinting it will not reschedule Pakistan's $40 billion debt if Islamabad continues its nuclear and missile programs, Foreign Minister Abdul Sattar said Thursday.
If inclement weather or other circumstances force the mission to forgo a December launch, however, the Y2K factor could loom large in efforts to quickly reschedule.
SAN DIEGO -- DJO Incorporated (NYSE:DJO), a global provider of products and services that promote musculoskeletal and vascular health, today announced that it will reschedule the release of its fourth quarter and full year 2006 financial results, originally scheduled for today, and the conference call to discuss those results.
Hanjin Shipping will hold a meeting of its bond holders Thursday to ask them to reschedule its debt.