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For the more general functional (1.7) (without the artificially introduced [epsilon]), a similar rescaling would give
Thirdly, rescaling the quantities by those at the critical point, the behavior of temperature in [mathematical expression not reproducible] graph and the behavior of pressure in [mathematical expression not reproducible] graph are studied.
These countries have welfare regimes characterized by the leading role of the family as a source for resources and social protection against the weak role of the state and an intense process of rescaling of social policies.
This implies that suitably rescaling the axes will result in the rescaled generalised parent function plot looking exactly like the parent function plot for the x-axis range from 3 to 4.
In the resampling phase, for a scaling factor s = v/h (the greatest common divisor of v and h is 1), the rescaling pixels are first mapped into the original pixel grid with equidistance h/v.
In order to obtain the Zernike coefficients corresponding to each pupil radius in step (a), rescaling [36, 37] was performed from larger to smaller pupil radii [38].
In the article titled "Portfolio Theory for [alpha]-Symmetric and Pseudoisotropic Distributions: k-Fund Separation and the CAPM," [1] the rescaling intended to simplify the derivation in the section titled "7.
The rescaled OS-EM was achieved by multiplying the state z(n+1) in (21) by the rescaling coefficient
The main problems identified in the original MSE formulation are related to both its defining algorithmic steps, the rescaling procedure that changes the temporal scale of the observed series progressively filtering out the shorter scales and keeping the longer ones, and the computation of the entropy rate of the rescaled time series performed by means of the sample entropy (SampEn) metric [13].
A possible solution to improve the performance of the leaky algorithm is to use the clipping and the rescaling strategies [34].
Such rescaling of the Cyprus talks would include the diversification of the negotiators and decision makers, the cascading of topics and changing the spaces of talk from the leaders' meetings to the those of everyday life.
Users can save time and money by on-site rescaling of instruments to the desired gas and full scale range.
The governing equations are solved using Laplace transforms followed by time rescaling to account for the variation in temperature, which impacts the diffusion coefficient between the wet and dry portions of several accelerated weathering protocols.