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establish on a new scale

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With Rescale, customers achieve the ultimate flexibility by being able to run existing traditional licenses and purchase pay-per-use licensing on ScaleX, as well as access a variety of hardware architectures via bare metal and virtual servers and their on-premises infrastructure.
Rescale will now offer its ScaleX[R] big compute platform through HPC Systems, which specializes in delivering high-performance computing systems to the scientific R&D community.
Boom's product development cycle is almost entirely simulation-driven, employing the Rescale platform from initial high-level concept down to the detailed design of items such as the variable geometry engine intakes.
Rescale will offer its cloud-based simulation tools within the Digital Manufacturing Commons (DMC), UI LABS' open-source online platform for connecting original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and their suppliers.
A second performance benchmark conducted by Rescale using its ScaleX platform also demonstrated deep learning training time reductions.
rescales the x-axis by dividing the axis values by B.
For customers seeking HPC resources for bigger analyses, this important initiative with Rescale allows our users to take full advantage of both the COMSOL Multiphysics software and Rescale's secure and flexible simulation environments," said Phil Kinnane, COMSOL's vice president of business development.
Barclays Plc (LSE: BARC) is said to be planning to rescale its Portuguese branch networks this year.
The solution integrates computing hardware with the finite element analysis software and is delivered through Rescale Inc.
This paper builds on these critiques of rescaling, parses the scalar and ecological politics behind the trend to rescale environmental governance, and applies these findings to the case of rescaled governance in Alberta, Canada.
built-in loop power supplies for sink/source I/O, split, convert, boost and rescale process signals, and has the ability to interface a process signal with multiple panel meters, PLCs, recorders, data acquisition, DCS and SCADA systems.
Now Nasri believes he can rescale the heights he hit with Arsenal three years ago.
To assess how well Florida performed relative to the rest of the nation, one can use the results for initial 3rd-grade students on the FCAT to rescale the state's 4th-grade scores on the NAEP reading exam.
The tool can be used to write memos and liven them up with drawings, diagrams and pictures that users can easily move or rescale.
Froch, 34, will have to rescale the heights he climbed 13 months ago when outclassing Arthur Abraham to have any chance of beating the 2004 Olympic gold medallist.