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rule of evidence that covers words that are so closely associated with an occurrence that the words are considered part of the occurrence and as such their report does not violate the hearsay rule

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Description University Of Utah Campus Purchasing - Stage Three Of Invitation For Multi-stage Bid For The Res Gestae Magazine Reissue.
98) The reverse is more plausible (though still unlikely) that Ammianus, as a native speaker of Greek, could have read Heliodorus, especially if the latter were a supporter of Julian, the hero of the Res Gestae, though it is unclear why Ammianus should wish to draw upon the narrative style of a Greek novel in writing Latin historiography, especially in an episode which has closer generic associations to epic and historiography.
Augusto pone el poder recibido por consensus en manos del Senado, para luego recibir los honores que menciona en las Res Gestae, entre ellos el apelativo de Augustus (R.
Dans les Res Gestae, Auguste ne mentionne ni la puissance tribunicienne ni l'imperium proconsulaire, mais il insiste sur l'adhesion universelle, formule aussi theorique qu'ambigue (38).
36) Despite its claim to the venerable res gestae bloodline, (37) a specific hearsay exception for present sense impressions was not widely accepted by American courts until the enactment of the Federal Rules of Evidence in 1975.
Las primeras palabras de las Res gestae Divi Augusti hablan acerca del divino Augusto que sometio el orbe al imperio del pueblo romano, y en sus ultimas narran como le fue otorgado el titulo de Padre de la Patria.
Frederic Foubert estuda "L'hyperbate dans les Res gestae Alexandri Macedonis de Julius Valerius", versao realizada por Julio Valerio no seculo iv, a partir de um texto grego desconhecido, e chega a conclusao de que esta figura de estilo e abundantemente utilizada pelo autor em virtude dos efeitos estilisticos que origina.
In reproving earlier historians' temporal brevity, Smail tends to mistake their references to accounts of the past, historia return gestarum, for 'history' as the whole of the past, res gestae.
There is certainly nothing in the Res Gestae that corresponds to the programmatic invocation of the Aeneid at 15.
The importance of history both as res gestae and res scriptae--to the shape and content of revolution has long been a staple of historiography.
History is a random sequence of chance events; although the narrative representation of these events seeks to give them some shape and design, readers should never ignore the difference between res gestae and historia rerum gestarum, and be aware that the latter is only 'a narrative which seeks to give meaning to an experience of reality, rather than to provide a definitive explanation of it' (p.
The only thing to be preserved from Morpurgo's time is his travertine plinth on the east side, which is inscribed with the Res Gestae (the autobiographical Deeds of the Divine Augustus) in beautiful Trajanic lettering.
The Spanish lawyer Antonio Agustin dared to denounce Francesco Colonna's dreamy Hypnerotomachia Poliphili as a "boring novel"; his younger contemporary Isaac Casaubon (the same Casaubon who gleefully unmasked the texts of Hermes Trismegistus as late antique syncretism rather than primordial wisdom) suspected no less than the Emperor Augustus of boasting in his Res Gestae.
There are three appendices with further excerpts from Widukind of Corvey's Res Gestae, a genealogical reconstruction of the Stirps Widukindi, and an analysis of an episode at the last parting of Mathilda and Otto I.
Rike, Apex Omnium: Religion in the Res Gestae of Ammianus (The Transformation of the Classical Heritage 15: Berkeley, 1987); T.