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Synonyms for rerun

a program that is broadcast again

broadcast again, as of a film

rerun a performance of a play, for example

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run again for office

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cause to perform again

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A friend of the duo said: "It's no secret Ant and Dec are hugely popular, so rerunning Byker Grove would make sense.
Oxygen has not yet found an audience since it kicked off in February 2000, so Winfrey agreed to create a fresh show for fall 2002 as a substitute for rerunning the syndie series.
org) reveals more sentiment against rerunning the strip than in favor of it.
On June 27 the Lifetime channel will be rerunning its made-for-cable film Labor Of Love, which explores the friendship between a gay man (David Marshall Grant) and a straight woman (Marcia Gay Harden) who have a child together.
And the Disney Channel is rerunning "A Conversation With George Burns" from 1989 at 10 p.