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  • verb

Synonyms for requite

to give a satisfactory return to

to give or take mutually

to exact revenge for or from

Synonyms for requite

make repayment for or return something


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The determination of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and their phase (for haplotypes) also requites contiguity of varying length.
About 800-900 of the remaining volumes requite a scientific description.
Showed some promise on debut behind well-regarded Requite at Lingfield and is expected to improve for step up to middle distances.
Amanda Perrett's chestnut daughter of Halling has been in good form on Lingfield's Polytrack surface this winter, finishing a short-head second to Treculiar in December before returning to the Surrey venue in February only to find the useful Requite five lengths too good.
Conviction of any crime would requite a two-thirds majority of the tribunal," Buyer said.
In this unstable, ultimately fictive realm, the imagination confronts--but cannot requite, or even fully understand--its own abject desires.
By applying lifecycle theory to the office of the CEO, Silicon Valley has identified three periods in a startup's life that requite different types of CEO.
who did more or less the same thing except she retired to the loo with the passenger of her choice to requite her passion.
Winning is guessing what the other will give and giving a gift adequate to requite it.
registered under the Companies Act, 2013 requite the Services of a practicing firm of company secretaries dcalingin various Corporate Laws.
A further catalogue of the irritations and contradictions in the book's style and argument would requite more space than this review permits.
Jeremy Noseda alternated his team between the across-the-flat gallop on Racecourse Side and the Al Bahathri Polytrack and probably of most interest at this stage was the appearance of the Red Ransom colt Requite under Shane Kelly on the artificial surface.
Just Heav'n Thee, like Tiresias, to requite, Rewards with Prophesie thy loss of Sight.
Any Technical Clarification Regarding Drawing/Specification Can Be Obtained From The By Cee/Ecr/Hjp After Payment Of Requite Cost, 3.
Has worked well since his comfortable defeat of Requite, a winner here on Saturday, at the end of last month.