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a course that all students are required to take

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In all of these cases, the meaning of "foundational" and the institutionalized policy of required courses work together.
The eighteen courses analyzed include 13 non-required and 5 required courses (see Table 1).
In addition to the new required courses, the CIS department has proposed a master's degree in Health Informatics and a minor degree in Data Science, aimed at students who are not necessarily CIS majors but who want an on-ramp into data science.
The required courses will be taught by a faculty of practitioners from REBNY member firms in addition to outside professionals.
4.1 Objective 1--Explore whether IS curriculum profiles exist based on required courses, elective courses, and adherence to the IS 2010 Model Curriculum Guidelines.
Greig, 66, will undergo a biopsy later this week to determine at what stage the disease is at and what the required course of action would be.
And while I'm at it, ethics would be a required course. And the food in the cafeteria would be amazing.
According to the Student Watch study conducted by the OnCampus Research division of the National Association of College Stores (NACS), students spent $655 on required course materials this year, down from $667 two years ago and from $702 four years ago.
Kenyon College's yearlong Introduction to Experimental Biology is a required course for any student wishing to major in biology.
Most nursing students approach the required course on theory with distaste, but McEwen (U.
Simply assuming that the controller expects you to bypass the required course reversal is a bad idea.
It also adds "required course materials" to the list of qualifying expenses and allows the credit to be claimed for four postsecondary education years, versus two.
In Ontario, Canada, history classes are implemented from late primary school and are a required course for all students until the 10th grade.
In 2004, after much research and discussion, recommended course placement in the developmental courses changed to required course placement in the math, reading, and writing areas.
Soft alternatives should never be considered if a prison term is the required course to follow.