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Social media company Facebook earlier said that the Philippine government also requested data of 42 Facebook users in the first half of 2018.
Article 12 provides only two instances where a Central Authority may completely refuse execution of a Letter of Request: (1) if the judiciary is not the entity that executes Letters of Request in the particular country, or (2) if the requested State "considers that its sovereignty or security would be prejudiced thereby." (13)
Among the documents requested were notes taken during two interviews of Dominique Bazy ("Bazy"), a former Credit Lyonnais executive, that took place in May and September 1999.
For Iraq, President Bush has requested $457 million of support for FY 2006, including $360 million to continue work already begun under the Iraq Relief and Reconstruction Fund.
To date, the APA process has been driven by the material in the initial application, supplemented on an ad hoc basis by (a) responses to IRS questions and negotiating developments, (b) business developments the taxpayer feels it appropriate to bring to the IRS's attention, and (c) information requested as part of the bilateral CA negotiation process.
The MDC receives the 110's data request, identifies its targets such as logical disks on a RAID array, mounts the requested LUNs, formats them with their native file system, and handles the redirected file requests.
Even if neither the practitioner nor the client possesses or controls the requested documents or information, there is no exception.
On July 10th, four firefighters battling a blaze in Washington state's Okanogan National Forest were killed by the fire, after waiting more than nine hours for a requested water drop.
By itself, such a request could be overwhelming, but it is unlikely that the same information will be requested by other consultants representing other employers.
Requests would be made in one of the official languages of the requested Member State court or in another language that the latter can accept.
Appropriate equipment for which support may be requested includes, but is not limited to, DNA arrayers and readers, robotic equipment for automation, and, with strong justification, computers for informatics.
However, in some instances, assistance under the protocol would be requested, e.g., if the affected country did not have sufficient resources to mount an investigation, or if state-sponsored terrorism were suspected.
From the Legal Services Corp., for instance, Brown requested all "letters, memos, telephone log entries, message receipts, notations of conversations, meeting notes, e-mail messages, fax cover sheets, reports, statistics, [and] calendar entries" dealing with Lungren.
All OhioLINK libraries have covenanted to process OL requests within twenty-four hours, so with the twenty-four hour commitment from Pony Express, materials theoretically take forty-eight hours to arrive after being requested. In the real world, of course, there are always complications--e.g., staffing problems at circulation desks, physically remote branch libraries, books missing from the shelves but not noted in the record, etc.
But Legal Service lawyers were nevertheless there with a prepared script and requested permission to become amicus, or a "friend" of the tenant, but not to represent the tenant.