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Synonyms for repulsiveness

the quality of being disgusting to the senses or emotions

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That is, it is precisely the power that repels Louis that enables him to perceive its repulsiveness. The boy's choice reminds Louis that he continues to exist, even though such an existence repels him.
She invokes four distinct connotations of the word in this single description--commonness, coarseness, insolence, and obscenity--focusing on the repulsiveness of vulgarity with the intensity of a traumatic fixation.
Certainly Florence deserves every benefit of the doubt, but it should not be overlooked that she considers the men she meets at Missanabie "the lowest order of redmen in the whole dominion of Canada" and the women "filthy, indolent, and rude" (824), while at Fort Chimo she responds to the living conditions not with sympathy but with "unutterable disgust," calling the community "all very loathsome" and devoting paragraphs to the repulsiveness of the people, the ugliness of their clothing, and the uncouthness of their habits (940).
JUST when you think Donald Trump has reached peak repulsiveness he takes it to another level.
horse trading, and even unsavoury political manipulations, irrespective of the degree of their ethical repulsiveness. Who should or shouldn't be the leader of a party is a political question to be ...
This passionate emotional response suggests how deeply Bandini has internalized elitist messages about the repulsiveness of the poor, despite being poor himself.
The Pynson edition is the source of the translation from the French "Song of Death," which begins: "Se mon regard ne vous vient a plaisir par sa hideur wui est espouantable prenez en gre congnoissans le desire." (If my esteem does not succeed in pleasing you because of its repulsiveness which is appalling, receive it kindly, conscious of my desire ; trans.
masuku (G) "to be ugly, bad" mussuku (D) "to spoil, make disgusting, revile" sumsuku (S) "to give a bad name" namsuku (N) "to become bad, receive blame" In general, these usages indicate that msk refers to a state of physiological repulsiveness, and this sense was transferred to the social sphere to describe morally despicable behavior.
Keela's performance" he repeatedly fooled not only those in attendance at the spectacle of repulsiveness but deluded himself as well into believing that the cynically fabricated spectacle of cultural alterity was authentic (Khailova 283).
The assistants take this performance very seriously as they deliberately act it out, aesthetically performing the repulsiveness of the extracted illness.
Yet, every time I spoke with the person, I felt my gut tighten with dread and an unexplained icky feeling of repulsiveness. Every time I sat down to write out content for the project, it felt like climbing Mt.
The gratuitous slaying of the innocent lamb exposed the repulsiveness of David's sin, and it also pointed to the murder of another innocent beloved Lamb 1,000 years later.
Lucius mocks the food at every turn, beginning with an oral treatise on the repulsiveness of the lentil.