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Synonyms for repulsiveness

the quality of being disgusting to the senses or emotions

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Garbage creates a health hazard since it attracts cats and mice, not to mention its aesthetic repulsiveness.
After a jarring pause, a voice whispers, as if from a bomb shelter: "This ugliness, this cruelty, this repulsiveness, it will die out," it says, dramatizing Robinson's frustrations with the type of beat he's just made.
perversions, and above all, anger (against his repulsiveness, social
is further increasing the city's repulsiveness for economic activities.
When I first joined the staff of the Post in 1992 (yes, 1992) I almost left within a fortnight due to the all-round repulsiveness of a senior member of staff.
They apply the MACBETH technique to quantify the attractiveness and repulsiveness of possible governments to parties.
Here again, black women's sexual body parts are described as a site of repulsiveness, rooted in the notion of their perceived deformity.
John Merrick also lacked the feminine and true domestic sphere but his physical repulsiveness kept him from becoming truly incorporated into society.
However, Stewart in a diplomatic way denied to go into the specifications, but needs no reminding of the repulsiveness engendered by former fast bowlers Darren Gough and Andy Caddick in the dressing room, who put aside their differences to become one of England's finest new-ball duos.
Readers suffer an "indignity" in being made to "follow the love affairs and witness the raging anger and kisses," such erotic adventures being entirely inappropriate to the mood of the story and the repulsiveness of the characters themselves.
It would not do to underestimate the repulsiveness that's integral to Remarque's topic:
It is a scene whose fatal attraction lies in its utter repulsiveness.
The month before they departed - May 1847 - a crowd in Kells prevented a soup kitchen from opening because of the repulsiveness of the ration and the humiliation of its distribution.
The Minotaur" also emphasizes, however, the underlying cheapness, shoddiness, and repulsiveness of the products being manufactured in England: the "fine threads" interwoven with "manure" and "the sheddings of every poor body.