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Synonyms for repulsiveness

the quality of being disgusting to the senses or emotions

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Sontag herself sometimes drew a sharp line between art and politics, notably in the controversial chapter in Against Interpretation on the films of Leni Riefenstahl, which were said to be appreciable as artworks whatever the overwhelming repulsiveness of the filmmaker's connections with Hitler and the nazi party.
the modern connotation of unpleasantness or repulsiveness.
Think of a cucumber-green Ferrari to get an idea of the level of repulsiveness I'm talking about.
Not satisfied with the stomach-churning roly-poly repulsiveness of Pat and Patrick, they're now subjecting us to yet another gruesome twosome in the form of the aforementioned Ms Fowler and her distinctly odd-looking pal Naomi.
She stars as Julia Jones (think Bridget Roberts), a grotesquely overweight and hygiene-challenged love monkey who isn't about to let her physical repulsiveness stand in the way of finding Mr.
Clearly, his repulsiveness is a reflection of her own disgust, not God's.
Tiffs apoplexy, however appropriate to the repulsiveness of its catalyst, is surely fueled by powerlessness.
The horror that transforms prospective pleasure into sexual threat for the Mariner, giving Life-in-Death her predatory swagger, arises from the carrion repulsiveness of the body when existence lacks an afterlife.
Considers his or her disgusting habits as part of their 'character' and is oblivious of their own repulsiveness.
doubly determined, for the metaphorical stigma of a blackblotch on the cityscape bears the added connotations of moral degeneracy, natural inferiority, and repulsiveness.
The repulsiveness, the disgusting quality of Coriolanus's diction through synesthetic effect amounts to a bad smell rather than just an ugly sound.
The imagery may embody firsthand family experience of the Civil War, but it also mingles the repulsiveness of mutilation, the pleasure of handling a cherished and beautiful object, and the condition of penetration: 'I feel my European gains sinking gradually out of sight and sound and American experience closing bunchily together over them, as flesh over a bullet--the simile is apropos
Anyone who works in this field must be aware that readers have long regarded staff as major constituents of the formidability and repulsiveness of many rare book collections large and small.
And as the ridiculously named Emil Zadapec - a wheezing, respiratorily-challenged militia man on the trail of the bounty he believes to be rightly his - Ted Levine delivers a compelling performance of slimy repulsiveness.
It is a "known" object that is evaluated for its attractiveness or repulsiveness.