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Synonyms for repulsion

Synonyms for repulsion

Synonyms for repulsion

the force by which bodies repel one another

intense aversion

the act of repulsing or repelling an attack


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To complete the Repulsion analogy, it would be, like, "No, no
2] are the gain of the expansive and sensory repulsion factor, respectively, and
Adding to gravity and repulsion the cosmological constant (repulsion) on a "gravitational field equation" of space-time warpage, Einstein built another mechanical worldview.
The model whose PMF is analyzed here under various circumstances is based on the competition between the attractive van der Waals interaction between particles and the repulsion between the particles' polymer coating.
Figure 4, for example, shows a swarm consisting of three kinds of agents ("brown", "green", and "blue") with three different repulsion ranges (brown being largest and blue smallest, green in between).
Finally, we had three specific predictions on differences in movement performance and gaze behavior between experts and apprentices: First, experts should show a shorter hurdle phase, a shorter repulsion phase and a longer duration of the second flight phase, because these two parameters usually distinguish between "better" and "worse" handsprings on vault (Bruggemann, 1994).
However, as he goes on to argue, the attraction to and repulsion from the grotesque was not entirely expunged by the development of new scientific paradigms.
Although we do not submit a formulation at this stage, we suggest that repulsion occurs between the particles and the heavy mass.
These crosses can be set up either as a coupling cross or as a repulsion cross.
After a while the atoms in the ultra hot plasma become charged enough to overcome their natural repulsion and fusion Occurs.
But her repulsion quickly gave way to fascination when she visited the Wellcome Collection in central London where her old heart - replaced earlier this year after she developed restrictive cardiomyopathy - is on display.
Every presidential campaign season allows bystanders to witness a neuroscientific marvel: the gravitational repulsion of unlimited ego.
IT was no doubt partly a general public repulsion - and one would hope that the churches would unite around this - over the contemptible treatment of the disabled by the city council that led to Labour gaining seats from the Tories at the recent local elections hugely against the national trend.
The exhibition is a multi-sensory experience which may trigger feelings of both attraction and repulsion.
Above a 5% concentration, the apparent viscosity exceeded that of either component, due to an enhanced electrostatic repulsion that occurred between the negatively charged molecules.