reptile family

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a family of reptiles

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According to the scientists, they're hoping that this research can lead to a better understanding of not just of Komodo dragons, but their close relatives in the reptile family. They also hope that this can serve as a template as to why conserving these lizards are important.
To help you catch a glimpse of these and other members of the reptile family RSPB South Stack in Anglesey is welcoming visitors to take part in a snake and lizard safari.
Despite being considered a docile member of the reptile family, they are still capable of devouring a human.
Martha Stewart addresses the reptile family in her new Amazonia design for her rug collection at Safavieh.
But members of the reptile family generally use a different system for eye protection.
A new genetic study chops up the traditional reptile family tree by asserting that turtles are the closest living kin of crocodiles.
They found that the turtle clade (group that shares common ancestry), testudines, has been assigned to the wrong place in the reptile family tree, a discovery that "may not only change the way we look at turtles," suggests Rieppel.