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Reproductive organ mass of male lesser rice-field rats (Rattus losea).
This research supports the already significant body of scientific knowledge on the safety of bisphenol A and represents the strongest scientific evidence to date challenging claims that low- dose exposure to bisphenol A affects the reproductive organs of laboratory animals.
0 means that the reproductive organ in question is receiving more photosynthate than would be expected on the basis of its contribution to the total dry weight of reproductive organs).
These two products give policyholders extra financial relief for specific treatments such as female reproductive organ surgery, mastectomy, breast lumpectomy, and breast reconstructive surgery.
Normal reproductive organ development in CF-1 mice following prenatal exposure to bisphenol A.
Sydney, July 14 (ANI): Scientists have discovered a 400 million-year-old reproductive organ in an ancient fish specimen, which is the oldest penis-like structure found yet.
Based on the inhibitory activity of azoles on key enzymes involved in sex steroid hormone synthesis, it is likely that effects on fertility, sexual behavior, and reproductive organ development will occur depending on dose level and duration of treatment of laboratory animals.
In the present study, we did not examine this issue sufficiently, so we cannot say whether EDs had an effect on reproductive organ function.
The structure was warm to the touch and looked more like a mammal's reproductive organ than a plant's.
Whether bisphenol A also affected reproductive organ function is unclear.
Ebola virus can infect the reproductive organs of male and female macaques, according to a study published in The American Journal of Pathology, suggesting that humans could be similarly infected.
In a rare discovery, a shark off the coast of Taiwan was found to have a fully developed set of male and female reproductive organs.
Women experience multiple forms of sexual harm, including mutilation of sexual and reproductive organs, cutting off of breasts, mutilation of reproductive organs and cutting open pregnant women's wombs,' the report stated.
They have NO RIGHT to women's reproductive organs, or anyone's sexual orientation
The herbal pill - Booster capsule has powerful herbs to boost blood flow to the reproductive organs and boosts sex drive.
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