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Synonyms for reproductive

Synonyms for reproductive

of or relating to reproduction

employed in reproduction


Synonyms for reproductive

producing new life or offspring

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An anthology of essays from members and supporters of SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective, Radical Reproductive Justice collects and presents two decades of work defining and defending a human rights-based framework for reproductive health.
The study identified gaps, obstacles, opportunities and possible solutions for strengthening the health governance for women's reproductive health and rights (RHR).
The 'Strengthening Governance in Health System for Reproductive Health and Rights (RHR) in Pakistan: An Intervention Case Study' is based on the findings of a four-year intervention (2014-17) carried out in six districts across four provinces of the country with support from the International Development Support Center (IDRC).
The report, called Vakeras Zorales Speaking Out: Roma Women's Experiences in Reproductive Health Care in Slovakia, documents the personal stories of 38 Roma women from marginalised communities who reported discrimination and abuse in reproductive and maternal health care facilities in eastern Slovakia.
Roma women should be treated with dignity and respect when seeking reproductive health care," said Leah Hoctor, regional director for the Europe Program at the Centre for Reproductive Rights.
Poor reproductive health and inadequate maternal care result in poor birth outcomes (AbouZahr, 1999).
Studies on reproductive health generally focus on the effects of social and economic factors.
This book is volume 10 in the series Reproductive Biology and Phylogeny.
First theorized in 1994 by American women of color activists such as Loretta Ross, the term reproductive justice refers to achieving "the complete physical, mental, spiritual, political, economic, and social wellbeing of women and girls.
What I learned at CSW57 is that you cannot impact sexual violence without considering Reproductive Justice, reproductive health, and reproductive rights--they are all intertwined.
The contributors to this special issue of Frontiers, "Reproductive Technologies and Reproductive justice," take this conversation forward.
Donya Aziz has said that collaborative and coordinated efforts of the government and private sector can play a vital role to improve the Reproductive Health status in Pakistan.
Uma October 9, 2010 (JUBA) - A draft contingency plan that seeks to address sexual and reproductive health issues in Southern Sudan has been adopted.
Reproductive Health Indicators: Implications for Human Rights
Complaining that a lack of standardized indicators for the measurement of reproductive health inhibits the ability to generalize empirical findings across populations and limits the possibilities that policy-makers will recognized reproductive health problems, Sunil (sociology, U.
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