reproduction cost

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cost of reproducing physical property minus various allowances (especially depreciation)

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In individual cases, the investment expenditure for revitalization estimate was compared within building reproduction cost.
The Insurable Value estimate may not be a reliable indication of replacement or reproduction cost for any date other than the effective date of this appraisal due to changing costs of labor and materials and due to changing building codes and governmental regulations and requirements.
A question exists in the appraisal community as to whether functional obsolescence caused by a deficiency requiring an addition should be calculated in the reproduction cost approach (i.
There exists a question in the appraisal profession over the correct methodology to calculate functional absolescence in the reproduction cost approach.
The appellate court said that the reproduction cost less depreciation approach was the appropriate methodology to value specialty property, but should be used only in those limited instances in which no other method of valuation will yield a legally and economically realistic value for the property.
The City of Evanston s Utilities Department is seeking proposals from reputable qualified consulting engineering firms experienced in water works valuation for engineering services related to the computation of the Reproduction Cost New Less Depreciation value of the water works properties including the pumping, treatment and source of supply facilities.
By far, the most useful reproduction cost estimate is an articulated cost estimate by engineers or quantity surveyors to which the appraiser adds indirect costs, as indicated in table 1.
This disturbing statement must be followed immediately with "That is not to say that cost equals value, but only that reproduction cost new, less depreciation from all causes, equals value.
Seller is motivated and business is priced to sell quickly for considerable less than the reproduction cost of the build out.
Except for reproduction costs, all requests will be free of charge, the EO said.
The cost appraisal method typically applies to land that is improved and allows for consideration of reproduction costs or replacement costs minus depreciation of any improvements.
In addition to supporting the Army Learning Concept 2015 by making courses less dependent on location, the mobile devices also could substantially cut paper reproduction costs by using digital media for classroom materials.
Boria wrote, "We will be glad to recalculate reproduction costs if you wish to narrow or limit your document request.
The second step is to estimate the replacement or reproduction costs of all improvements.
Compensation of up to (and not exceeding) Dhs 20,000 per item may be paid for additional expenses, loss of market, reproduction costs and similar losses occurring as a result of delay, loss or damage.