reproduction cost

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cost of reproducing physical property minus various allowances (especially depreciation)

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* In individual cases, the investment expenditure for revitalization estimate was compared within building reproduction cost. Cases where revitalization costs exceeded 100% of market price were marked in the synoptic inventory, as well as cases where the costs represented less than 10% of market price.
The Insurable Value estimate may not be a reliable indication of replacement or reproduction cost for any date other than the effective date of this appraisal due to changing costs of labor and materials and due to changing building codes and governmental regulations and requirements.
In the early years of this period, the Court adhered to an interpretation of the fair value doctrine which allowed state commissions to use a combination of reproduction cost and original cost in determining the fair value of the rate base.
This method is similar to the comparative sales method, but adds a seller's profit to the inventory's reproduction cost; the comparative sales method subtracts costs of disposition and a purchaser's profit from the inventory's sales price.
The judge rejected Plaintiff's application of the depreciated reproduction cost method because it failed to account for the ongoing liability.
The cost approach has two components: replacement cost and reproduction cost. (11)
The individual cost estimates used in the various offices were obtained with care, the tables of depreciation and estimates of obsolescence were carefully compiled, land values where found by comparison, and the result was a depreciated reproduction cost. Market values were as accurate as available sales and listings, which, during such times, were at best a poor indication of the true value.
The process of estimating depreciation (Chapter 16) has been presented in a more straightforward and understandable manner, with special attention to the problems created by switching between replacement and reproduction cost estimates.
A controversy exists as to the correct method to calculate functional obsolescence in the reproduction cost approach.
There exists a question over the correct methodology to calculate functional obsolescence in the reproduction cost approach.
Ellsworth is utilizing the reproduction cost approach, whereby both the existing facility and his replacement cost new are a coal plant with a scrubber and baghouse for pollution control.