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Synonyms for reproduction

Synonyms for reproduction

Synonyms for reproduction

recall that is hypothesized to work by storing the original stimulus input and reproducing it during recall

copy that is not the original

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the act of making copies

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These models explaining the dynamics include mathematical factors to describe how the species' environment, survival rates and reproduction determine to the population's size and growth.
But Kaler unifies her multiple accounts around a question of the "social imaginary" of reproduction and motherhood.
It's here where they realized that the genes associated with CAD were also vital for human reproduction. The team explained that this does not mean that people who reproduce and have many children are more likely to develop heart ( disease , but rather that heart ( disease  is a by-product of humans' ability to reproduce successfully.
This research studies the protective effect of selenium and zinc oxide nanoparticles on reproduction system, fertility, tissue changes in uterus and ovary of mature female rats after treatment with doxorubicin.
Markandeya has till date completed 30 years of dedicated service with rich clinical experience of teaching, research and extension in the field of Animal reproduction. He is also well known for his extension activities in Maharashtra and can be contacted on his mobile 9422657251 or via e-mail: swanitee@
Coming from the field of queer studies (which has spent the better part of a decade debating Lee Edelman's concept of "reproductive futurity," a concept I will discuss shortly), I decided to suggest "reproduction" as my familiar word and "non-reproduction" as my new keyword.
For example, one must know what would a reproduction license entail, exclude and also imply.
Critique: A seminal study of impressive and comprehensive scholarship throughout, "The Real South: Southern Narrative in the Age of Cultural Reproduction" by Scott Romine (Professor of English, University of North Carolina--Greensboro) explores the perception of the American south in contemporary popular culture.
When a public dialogue on assisted human reproduction first emerged in Canada in the 1980s, it was informed by a strong feminist presence.
Product coverage: Computer Media Reproduction, Music and Video Reproduction.
Average losses between start of hunting season (October) and beginning of following reproduction period (March) range between 3.25% and 45.47%, or on the average annually 32% during 41-year period in the hunting grounds of Vojvodina.
Abstract: In this paper possible CMY and K combinations of coverages as reproduction curves for selected profile are discussed, in the means of achieving related neutral optical output.
Assisted reproduction techniques have developed substantially, allowing security for HIV-serodiscordant couples to conceive while protecting the HIV-negative partner and future child.
The complexity of the situation arises from the different input and output media involved, and the different objectives required for different reproduction intents.