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the quality of being reproducible

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0 of Progenesis SameSpots, the enabling technology behind the HUPO Reproducibility Study which proved for the first time that quantitative proteomics can be reproduced across-labs.
In light of the pharyngeal probe's poor reproducibility of results and the lack of established normal values, we believe that empiric antireflux therapy might be indicated in those children in whom LPR is strongly suspected.
We'll call this a short-term reproducibility problem.
The combination of a precision-regulated halogen radiator with the company's tried and trusted weighing technology is said to offer a best approach option to moisture analysis reproducibility.
Matched pairs of each of the two oxides were used, and excellent sensing reproducibility of the twins was observed.
The unit uses Windows [R}-based software and has such features as "off line filtering" and a "wave reproducibility index," which eliminate the need to run time-consuming replications.
Measurement system analysis, commonly known as gage repeatability and reproducibility (gage R&R), should be conducted regularly to check the acceptability of all pattern shop inspection processes.
Robust manufacturing methodology enables exceptional pad-to-pad reproducibility with less than 2% variation across key parameters Co for predictable CMP process results.
Such reproducibility enables efficient and accurate quantification of gene targets over a broad range of expression levels.
The catalog is a quick reference guide for selecting and ordering the columns best suited for the task at hand, whether the challenge is inconsistent column-to-column and batch-to-batch reproducibility, severe or excessive peak tailing, poor selectivity, poor resolution of peptide or protein molecules and inadequate isolation and purification during scale-up.
This paper describes repeatability and reproducibility standard deviations in measurement of moisture concentration from such generators.
For materials that are sensitive to humidity variations, the RH control is said to improve correlation and reproducibility in test results.
It showed that pairing the sample or part variation with the Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility (GR&R) calculation enabled foundrymen to use the analysis for a single gage--or, more TABULAR DATA OMITTED importantly--for destructive tests and/or processes.
High-Speed Analysis of Xanthine Derivatives and Triarylmethane Ink Dyes with Ultra Fast HPLC" details analysis, retention time and peak area reproducibility using the Prominence UFLC.