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use again after processing

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There are two reprocessing plants at Sellafield, the Magnox reprocessing plant,for fuel from the first generation of British reactors, and Thorp, that reprocesses fuel from the latest reactors for British and overseas customers.
Ascent, the leading independent third-party reprocessor of medical devices for top hospitals and healthcare providers throughout North America, currently reprocesses compression sleeves, EP catheters and cables, diagnostic ultrasound catheters, orthopedic/arthroscopic, external fixation, laparoscopic and general surgery devices for ProvSource members.
The company reprocesses engineering resins from industrial scrap and post-consumer sources, producing compounds that take on virgin in the most demanding automotive electronics applications, "Additives are absolutely essential to our business," says George Staniulis, product development manager.
ClearMedical reprocesses single-use medical devices (SUD's) for hospitals and healthcare facilities resulting in significant cost savings and reduced waste for the facilities.
The new Phoenix plant reprocesses non-critical disposable surgical instruments and resells them at significant savings to hospitals and surgical centers.