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use again after processing

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Depending on the material, Clovers' clients have reported using up to 100% of our reprocessed material in their non-woven production lines.
Reducing the risk of exposure to healthcare acquired infections (HAIs) from improperly reprocessed medical devices is a shared responsibility between healthcare facilities, who are responsible for the cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization of the devices, and the device manufacturers, who are responsible for providing adequate reprocessing instructions that are simple, user friendly, and validated for safety and efficacy.
While overall savings is greatly dependent on the size of the hospital, level of engagement, program participation, and executive support, the use of reprocessed products typically saves hospitals 40-50 percent per device.
Lars Thording, senior director of marketing of Ascent, the country's largest vendor of reprocessed devices, says its hospital customers saved hundreds of millions of dollars by using such devices in 2009.
The risk is highest when the reprocessed single use medical device is used in a critical procedure (i.
In 2008, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a report on reprocessed single use devices.
Kim and Kang reprocessed three ABS resins five times using an extruder [6].
The Department of Energy's latest initiative to promote new reactor technology using "proliferation-resistant" reprocessed fuel raises significant funding and policy issues for Congress.
Even though more than 90% of the spent uranium can be reprocessed and used again, the U.
Supplies flexible and rigid PVC compounds and reprocessed rigid PVC, including clear or flexible extrusion grades and medium- or high-impact injection and extrusion compounds.
The southern Manitoba tire recycling plant last year reprocessed 1 million tires.
The Cogema plant (Areva group) at Cap la Hague (Manche/France) reprocessed 1,100.
The Cogema plant (Areva group) at la Hague (Manche/France) reprocessed 1,100.
Alliance now has 31 cleared 510(k) submissions for reprocessed medical devices, more than any other commercial reprocessor in the industry.