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use again after processing

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Taipower in February issued an online call for bids to solicit overseas contractors to reprocess about 1,200 bundles of spent fuel rods from the Jinshan and Guoshan nuclear power plants in New Taipei City, for which the company has requested a budget of NT$11.
Bill Wells, sales and marketing director, label, for Mitsubishi Polyester Films Americas, says, "Spear has demonstrated true industry leadership by supporting the commercialization of our Reprocess closed loop product system.
After the war, the embryonic nuclear power industry began work to reprocess its waste on a large scale to extend the useful life of uranium, a scarce resource at the time.
The United States has expressed concern about the Russian plan to reprocess spent nuclear fuel from any country with nuclear power stations, saying it could lead to proliferation of nuclear weapons.
Approximately 25 percent of hospitals reprocess at least one category of these devices, with larger hospitals significantly more inclined to reprocess, since greatest savings are found when reprocessing is done in bulk.
A member of a government panel discussing Japan's nuclear policy on Tuesday called for the need to abandon Japan's current plan to reprocess all spent nuclear fuel, citing uncertainties over the practical use of fast breeder reactors, which would play a key role in the plan.
Reprocessing companies, hospital associations and environmental groups counter that the devices they reprocess are as safe as new, cost 40% to 60% less, and can eliminate thousands of tons of waste from landfills.
Orthopedic firm Synthes is offering hospitals the option to reprocess used external fixation devices as part of a new reprocessing program.
On April 17, 2003, North Korean officials announced they were successfully reprocessing plutonium but a week later, officials softened that statement to "successfully going forward to reprocess work.
The K40 can reprocess a wider-than-ever range of materials Including LPDE, LLDPE and HDPE, coextruded and multilayer, polypropylene, app.
UKAEA's original strategy was to reprocess the fuel from Dounreay's Prototype Fast Reactor (PFR), which was shut down in 1994.
Reconsider the FDA's current policy on establishments that reprocess single-use medical devices.
Thus," he says, "IFR should eliminate any concerns about public safety associated with cross-country transport of fissionable or radioactive materials, now necessary to reprocess fuel from power reactors.