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Synonyms for reprobate

Synonyms for reprobate

to feel or express strong disapproval of

Synonyms for reprobate

reject (documents) as invalid

Related Words


abandon to eternal damnation

express strong disapproval of

deviating from what is considered moral or right or proper or good

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But Townshend, while he looks professorial, still plays the reprobate. "Global warming is happening in here," he gasped, sodden with sweat before launching into the encore, Pinball Wizard.
Others to followCatterick: 2.00 Namid Reprobate. Exeter: 3.40 Noble Baron.
The five-piece, headed by Manchesterbased John Robb, always pull the crowds and always deliver a set from which many a group would do well to learn.Posturing, passion and stagecraft, the audience never fails to respond to these reprobate preachers with anything other than fervour,and the waves of shared energy are palpably present.
A Yale graduate, a transplanted son of Texas, a one time drunk and a born again Christian - how did this improbable person transform himself from reprobate and renowned black sheep of his esteemed family into leader of the free world?
Barabinka's owners, Richard Aston Associates, enjoyed better fortune on Monday when Namid Reprobate, also trained by Cole, won a division of the juvenile maiden at Windsor.
This is the bizarre story of John Amery, a British Cabinet Minister's reprobate son, who spent part of the Second World War in Berlin, voluntarily broadcasting Nazi propaganda to the United Kingdom.
Now there wasa real danger of Nurit reporting my reprobate ways to Riki's two older brothers.
Even Juley, who only a matter of weeks ago was stashing guns and robbing the charity money, grassed up George (the latest graduate of the EastEnders School For Reprobate Teenagers) to the police.
"I remember calling Jimmy Savile an old reprobate, and he said 'Not so much of the old" ' - Dickie Arbiter, former spokesman for the Queen.
This reprobate of a woman thought nothing of claiming thousands of pounds in benefits in the name of her dead baby Jack.
At which GKN John points out he is definitely not the reprobate former lawyer.
We sincerely hope and believe this reprobate should never be allowed into society again."
To which some reprobate shouted: "As far as I'm concerned he can die in Kent!"
And Deep in the Heart of Yorkshire brings together four episodes featuring the reprobate pensioners of Last of the Summer Wine.
As she looks for distraction, she becomes more and more fascinated by Branwell, the reprobate brother of the Bronte sisters.