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Synonyms for reproachfully

in a reproving or reproachful manner


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After that, De Robertis would become interested in the after-Contini so-called criticism of 'variants'--or 'scribbles', as Croce reproachfully called them, since the 'dynamic' idea of a carefully thought out and planned development for a work of 'poetry' was at odds with his own 'static' idea of an 'ideal' genesis, born of a sudden inspiration of the genius (see Contini, 1982: 233-234)--while Contini was developing a line of reasoning quite alien to aesthetic values, closer to Structuralism; although there was never a direct confrontation between these two great critics, as Contini carefully avoided an open war (Baroni, 1997: 512; Segre, 2004).
The creature - a lemur no less - looks at me reproachfully before bounding off to find someone less clumsy to play with.
Conroy, whom Miss Ivors reproachfully describes as a "West-Briton" (1595), asserts not only that Irish is not his language but that he is sick of his own country (1596).
We murmur alike reproachfully rolling sands and drift, knowing not why,
In another, a telescope pointed reproachfully back at us.
The building's surviving glazed windows stare back reproachfully at the viewer, and the structure is surrounded by the irregular damage wrought by military firepower.
Inconsistency was not the word to apply reproachfully. Inconsistency was Codd's merit.
AS the concert world winds down for a short breather, now might be the time to catch up with a few books recently published, and which have been glowering at me reproachfully from my shelves.
In his latest post to Twitter, Arync said reproachfully toward the AK Party sympathizers who have launched the smear campaign against him that as a veteran politician, he has information that the public is unaware of.
"This I made good to you," Macbeth reproachfully reminds himself, with a poignant pun on "good" as he recollects how the good Banquo, his guardian angel, had earlier made good to him the eschatological consequences of succumbing to the darker forces of nature:
Almost reproachfully, Brechtbuhl continued that if "his friends would have released him from his promise," (83) he, along with several others from the Palatinate, "could have traveled there under the protection of the Almighty, for there are those who were carried off as captives with me, who did travel (84) back there and then returned here safely again."
Mohamed then looked back reproachfully, while Libah unhooked the thorns one by one.
As he apologises for winning, and shamefacedly looks at the ground, the congratulations from the presenter and Zoe range from flat to reproachfully ironic.
He looked at me reproachfully, even a little angrily, when I said I had not.
She just sat, arms firmly folded, looking at me reproachfully, her bottom lip in the biggest pout you've ever seen.