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Synonyms for reprint

a publication (such as a book) that is reprinted without changes or editing and offered again for sale

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a separately printed article that originally appeared in a larger publication

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print anew


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Multinational corporations and others that support remote or mobile access to paid content resources, now have even more reasons to utilize Reprints Desk as a single-source supplier for a variety of STM content workflow solutions, which span document delivery services, portal solutions, authentication, reference management, table of contents alerting, tools for PubMed and Google Scholar, and more.
Under the terms of the agreement, the Reprint and ePrint services that Reprints Desk provides will span article quoting and order processing, printing, delivery and deployment, billing, and customer satisfaction.
To purchase or inquite about electronic reprints of your favorite article(s) today, send an e-mail to:
Selected Poems, by contrast, shows two publication years--an original year of publication and the reprint year.
We've gotten a couple of requests for reprints for the ads that ran in Partners," she says.
My organizational skills improved dramatically and my religious formation accelerated as I crawled around on the floor and climbed the shelves to locate reprints.
The cost for the use of Real Estate Weekly's copyright and permission for readers to make their own reprints of articles is $175.
To obtain a permission to reprint request form from the AICPA Faxhack System, dial (201) 938-3787 and request Document No.
By this I mean that reprints of original articles by various authors are utilized in the chapters.
He says the conversion from a print shop doing general commercial work to reprints came about eight years ago.
Pubget, the search engine for scientific literature, today launched the Pubget PaperStore, powered by Reprints Desk.
The new help desk add-on provides existing Article Galaxy customers with the option to supplement their existing Reprints Desk services with tier-one library support wherein Article Galaxy support agents review incoming library service support requests, then either respond or escalate responses to designated client counterparts.
Dover's reprints are truly exceptional bargains for libraries with large-scale lending figures and the desire to stock affordable classics: they return neglected and often famous titles to print, reaching across genres to allow libraries a healthy collection representation with an affordable price tag.
Her vast collection includes reprints of over seven hundred pieces covering twenty-eight of Hughes's books of poetry and prose from 1926 until his death in 1967.
In 2008, Reprints Desk achieved a number of accomplishments: