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a publication (such as a book) that is reprinted without changes or editing and offered again for sale

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Even early translations of two of Whitman's stories into German were published in a literary magazine at the end of the nineteenth-century, and there may be much that remains to be revealed not only about the publication of such translations in periodicals, but about the circulation and potential reprinting of them as well.
It was not only a question of reprinting British works, although that was a major consideration.
11) Taking "Death in the School-Room" as an example, this modest number of reprints is certainly evidence of interest by editors and readers in the poet's fiction, but this publication history does not suggest widespread popularity or liberal extraction and reprinting in periodicals.
95), reprinting the 1852 account of what foods the ancients consumed and how it was prepared; Frederich Nietzsche's Twilight Of The Idols And The Antichrist (0486434605, $5.
The inarguable convenience of having the papers of our colleagues between two covers must, however, be weighed against the cost of the volumes and the apparently irresistible policy of reprinting all of a scholar's papers on a particular theme.
This allows a user to proof a document on the copier/printer and then print it by dragging the file from the copier/printer print queue to the Xerox Xpress print queue, saving potential reprocessing time and reprinting costs.
Instead of reprinting pictures and sending them via snail mail around the world, e-mailing discreet pictures over the net, or waiting to show traditional photo albums when friends and family visit, Club Photo provides the industry's only solution for taking pictures, creating albums and sharing them over the Internet within minutes.