repressor gene

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gene that prevents a nonallele from being transcribed

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If the segregation occurs, the V-GURT construct lose functionality and result on the suicide of plants grown from seeds that do not carry the repressor gene because the terminator gene will be expressed.
A repressor gene whose protein product binds to the promoter of the recombinase thus keeping it inactive.
And we want to find out whether a firecracker chemical somehow interacts with the repressor gene or other genes to overcome the antiflowering effect.
cell repressor gene transgenics [bcl-2]) (see table for references).
For example, the lysogenic state of phage lambda is maintained by the cI repressor gene, which binds to control regions for the lytic cycle, shutting down those regions.
ET] had the ET biotype-specific RS1 element gene rstC and repressor gene rst[R.