repressor gene

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gene that prevents a nonallele from being transcribed

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cell repressor gene transgenics [bcl-2]) (see table for references).
ET] had the ET biotype-specific RS1 element gene rstC and repressor gene rst[R.
This finding comes on the heels of several recently published discoveries from Immusol: The role of a transcriptional repressor gene for breast and ovarian cancer therapy ("Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences," USA volume 98, pages 130-135); The identification of a previously unknown "tumor suppressor" gene that specifically kills cancer cells but not normal cells ("Genomics," volume 66, pages 274-283); The discovery of two new human cellular genes required for Hepatitis C Virus protein synthesis ("Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences," USA volume 97, pages 8566-8571); and the discovery that the gene telomerase can act as a "tumor suppressor" ("Nucleic Acids Research," Volume 28, pages 2605-2612).
The virulence-related genes (ctxAB and tcpA) and the phage repressor gene (rstR) of MS6 had identical sequences to those of the seventh pandemic prototypic El Tor V.
Established in March 1994, RGene is initially focusing its efforts on advancing the development of two therapeutics for the treatment of cancer: RGG-0853, a repressor gene complexed with the cationic lipid vector DC-Cholesterol, for ovarian, breast and lung cancer; and RGA-1512, an oligonucleotide complexed with a liposomal vector, for chronic myelogenous and other leukemias.