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an agent that represses


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After grown at 45 AdegC the colonies were isolated with clear zones of dissolved xylan in the presence of catabolite repressor.
Furthermore, the predicted structure of ZNF132 includes 18 C2H2 ZNF motifs and one Kruppel- associated box domain, suggesting that it functions as a transcriptional repressor, whereas other cellular functions remain undetermined (Abildgaard et al.
This agent, called key, will inhibit the repressor action over the recombinase gene, allowing its expression, which will unlock the expression the gene of interest.
If the putative CA repressor hormone is in fact a CHH neuropeptide, it would not be the first time that this hormone family has been implicated in osmoregulation.
Their findings, published September 28 in Nature, show that over evolutionary time, primate genomes have undergone repeated episodes in which mutations in jumping genes allowed them to escape repression, which drove the evolution of new repressor genes, and so on.
The protein Chrono binds to the regulatory region of clock genes, with its repressor function oscillating in a circadian manner.
Repressor means a person who has a repressive coping style that is both an automatic and an intentional defensive strategy, a kind of avoidant way of coping with aversive events through not thinking about any painful or distressing things (Weinberger, Schwartz, & Davidson, 1979).
Among the 98 flowering-related genes identified, the homologs of a floral pathway integrator, SbFT, and a floral repressor, SbSVP, showed dramatic transcriptional changes before flowering, and their flowering functions were confirmed using transgenic Arabidopsis thaliana.
Noteworthy is that a single and the same transcription factor functions as both a repressor and an activator depending on the site of DNA binding relative to promoters.
Four of the 26 CpG sites were located on the aryl-hydrocarbon receptor repressor (AHRR) gene on chromosome 5, and several sites were just upstream of cytochrome P450 isoform CYP1A1 on chromosome 15.
Alfredo Stroessner (1954-1989), the death of a repressor who had evaded legal action since the fall of the dictatorship, and the initiation of a campaign to investigate crimes of the past and try those responsible left President Fernando Lugo's progressive administration in an uncomfortable position and renewed longstanding denunciations of alleged interference by the US State Department and the Pentagon in Paraguay's internal affairs.
It is a mistake to side with a regime that is going to go down in history as a brutal repressor of its own people, Carney said.
Enhancement of perturbation's degrees accompany with gradual disappearing of tumor's repressor gens from a few chromosome and hot up proto-ANKO gens with or without coincide defect in DNA restore action.
Kurosaki, ERKs induce expression of the transcriptional repressor Blimp-1 and subsequent plasma cell differentiation.
A repressor gene whose protein product binds to the promoter of the recombinase thus keeping it inactive.