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Synonyms for repressive

Synonyms for repressive

serving to restrain forcefully


Synonyms for repressive

restrictive of action

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41) According to some observers, underlying causes of the violence may be related to the failure of the Rahmon government to share power and economic benefits with minority groups and clans, and more immediate causes may be related to the increasing repressiveness and exclusiveness of the government and the ability of disaffected populations to obtain countervailing armed support from relatives and others abroad.
Marcuse sought to expose 19th- and 20th-century liberalism's repressiveness.
As University of Pennsylvania professor and human rights scholar, Ann Mayer, wrote: "A symptom of the inherent repressiveness of 'Iran's) official Islamic ideology can be seen in the scope and vigor of the persecutions and prosecutions of Shi'a clerics, many of whom have been martyred for failing to submit humbly to the official Islamic ideology.
That never has and never will justify repressiveness, but it does recognize that in many societies political legitimacy is a function of performance not just process.
But we have to keep in mind that for James masculinity is not determined by one's sex but rather by a disposition that William Veeder describes as "the puritanical repressiveness characteristic" of American capitalist culture and a refusal to "expose" oneself to the uncertainties of life and pleasure and intimacy (25).
Despite its own antisociality and egoism, Don Quijote's madness may be viewed as rebelling against the repressiveness of modern subject positions in ways that invite not approval, but a measure of sympathy (if not a desire for more effective forms of resistant subjectivity).
Masterman's vision is integrated into the framework of his dream and contrasts both with the present of the hospital ward where he regains consciousness and with the repressiveness of Catholicization set up in the future.
Evidently, African dances and 'culture' could be used to extend the repressiveness of colonialism into the post-colonial era.
The two simultaneous tendencies have contributed in strengthening contradictoral perceptions and have thus resulted in violence and increased repressiveness.
Talking about repression in a manner that would seem to condemn it may actually enhance a culture's repressiveness.
In terms of Lee's being praised for "the prim repressiveness with which he handles the homosexual themes" (52), Miller holds that the director's craft has worked upon sublimating homosexual desires rather than openly dealing with homosexuality; he remarks that the gay love plot is continually reversed whenever there is a homoerotic desire implied in the shot.
Even as one wishes it were not so, one now anticipates that every account of American history must hinge on the exploitative motives of the Founders and the continuing repressiveness of American traditions and institutions.
This was when the military held sway in the polity and their repressiveness and corruption in government made people eager to fight to settle scores.
It could do so without creating a picture of the society and the characteristic as entirely encompassed by repressiveness and persecution.
The threat of terrorism and the quest for security emphasizes the law's repressiveness at the detriment of the law's protectiveness.