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Synonyms for repressing

restrictive of action

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Lastly, let princes, against all events, not be without some great person, one or rather more, of military valor, near unto them, for the repressing of seditions in their beginnings.
victim may still be induced into repressing a memory through denial,
Instead of listening to their own people, President Assad is blaming outsiders while seeking Iranian assistance in repressing Syria's citizens through the same brutal tactics that have been used by his Iranian allies," he said.
The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) says the punishment is too much and is repressing free speech.
Gene expression profiling shows that cells generally respond to toxicant stress by repressing genes that guide cell growth and inducing those that govern DNA repair and other protective functions.
The AFL-CIO's 105-page petition contends that the Chinese government's "persistent pattern of repressing labor rights" has created "a huge pool of cut-rate labor that has displaced as many as 1.
University of Oregon psychology professor Michael Anderson believes that he has pinpointed the area of the brain responsible for repressing unpleasant memories.