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  • verb

Synonyms for repress

Synonyms for repress

to hold (something requiring an outlet) in check

Synonyms for repress

put down by force or intimidation

put out of one's consciousness

block the action of

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The most frequently invoked parallel here--the "repressible conflict" historians cited it--is with Tsarist Russia, which eliminated serfdom in 1860 and freed 20 million souls without any bloodshed, while it took us well over half a million deaths to liberate four million.
(8) Avery Craven, The Repressible Conflict (Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 1939); James G.
at 7-8 (arguing that Lincoln "stumbled" into war, and that the war was "needless" and "repressible").
The conundra around signification in the closet perhaps account for straight culture's barely disguisable and barely repressible glee at the spectacle of the closet, whether in its warnings to girlfriends about duplicitous bisexual boyfriends or in the always deniable metonyms with which it so archly surrounds popular culture figures of "ambiguous" sexuality.
The emotive/affective part of humans is more basic and hardly repressible. It is, on the whole, a truer guide to right living than mere reflection and rational analysis.
One of the repressible promoter systems they discuss in detail is controlled by the antibiotic tetracycline.
Hoefler and Kamoie conclude that "[t]he lesson derived from that kind of [media] exposure is not that death is natural and real but that it is fictional and repressible" (p.
Consider a sampling of titles: Craven's The Repressible Conflict, 1830-1861 (1939); Bell Irvin Wiley's The Plain People of the Confederacy (1943); Frank L.
Desai, "Role of siderophore in iron uptake in cowpea Rhizobium GN1 (peanut isolate): possible involvement of iron repressible outer membrane proteins," FEMS Microbiology Letters, vol.
repressible enzymes: Enzymes whose production can be a corepressor.