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Synonyms for represser

an agent that represses


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In this model, the system states of mRNAs and proteins play different roles in regulation, for example, activators, repressers, or other factors.
In contrast, repressers try to turn away their attention from threatening situations as much as possible in order to avoid anxiety.
In treating the responses of Jamesian women, Izzo studies three ways women collaborate with their repressers and controlling men: regarding themselves as art objects, acting as passive receptors of male adoration/ control, and maintaining silence on those occasions when they fall in love with men, accepting condemnation and even death if they initiate their sexual, passionate, or emotional desire for love with men.
It is important, finally, not to forget the brutal face that Trudeau and others in power took on, as they played their role of repressers. "Just watch me" -- he said it in English, it was light and cavalier rather than explicit about weapons and wounds to be dealt.
Quite irrationally for someone who champions the deregulation of (especially male) sexuality, Hyam treats both feminists and "Purity-mongers" (202) as the anti-liberal repressers of sex who have made the world a less free and happy place to cohabit in: "Did Josephine Buffer and the Pall Mall Gazette ever guess that their Purity Campaign was destined within a century to leave its mark on the whole world?