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Synonyms for repress

Synonyms for repress

to hold (something requiring an outlet) in check

Synonyms for repress

put down by force or intimidation

put out of one's consciousness

block the action of

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Yung may attempt to repress the messenger, but you cannot suppress the message.
Most of these angry, jealous, murderous wishes get repressed as children grow and become more subject to guilt and more oriented toward reality.
Where do you stand between the raging and the repressed? We all have an idea of how we come across, but if you are getting feedback that you are at one of the extremes, you may need some honesty from those whose opinions you value and who have no reason to lie.
repress the memory of a touching so that no amount of diligence would
Her mother also lives with magical power, but has long since learned to repress it.
They fiercely repress the threat to their sense of manhood posed by racist humiliations beneath an increasingly rigid facade of ideal masculinity.
Purity of Heart: Reflections on Love and Lust is the second book of a four-part series, "Pope John Paul II's Theology of the Body in Simple Language." These transcribe a series of the pope's fifteen-minute talks, given from 1979 to 1984, which draw upon the Bible to offer an antithesis to the "sexual revolution." Stressing that true Christianity aims to redeem sexuality, not repress it, Purity of Heart points the way to redemption of the body through Jesus Christ, warns against "legalized sin" and the slippery slope of ignoring or minimizing the repercussions of adultery, the importance of honoring the body, the task of building a culture of purity, and much more.
Unable to repress her curiosity, Una searches for the source of the light flash and unexpectedly falls into a strange land filled with unusual characters and considerable danger!
"The first attempt to repress the movies was a humdinger by any standards.
A University of Oregon professor has for the first time identified a mechanism in the human brain that helps people repress memories.
Fowler sees in Faulkner's fiction a clear reflection of this cultural need to repress women as mothers.
This included an assortment of measures designed to repress the movement's foreign operations as well as domestic activities.
According to Boker, all three authors, in response to real emotional losses, "mastered a stylistic technique that functions defensively to repress the male adolescent's grief from loss, emotional deprivation, and disillusionment in the heroic paternal ideal.
In a statement, de Lima said some people were trying to 'dilute' the spirit of Edsa while trying to repress democracy.