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Synonyms for representative

Synonyms for representative

one that is representative of a group or class

one who stands for another

serving as a symbol

serving to describe

Synonyms for representative

a member of the United States House of Representatives

an item of information that is typical of a class or group

serving to represent or typify

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standing for something else

being or characteristic of government by representation in which citizens exercise power through elected officers and representatives

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The biggest proof is that a dead end was reached, when the problem of the representativeness was brought up.
It is therefore obvious that the new decision-making process in the EU aims at achieving as much representativeness as possible, as high a level of democracy as can be.
representativeness representativeness Conveys high value due to low due to lack of to customer.
It cannot be said the Security Council is efficient and effective unless the legitimacy and representativeness are ensured,'' Akashi, 74, said during a lecture in Tokyo.
Therefore, this study examines specific misconceptions involving the representativeness heuristic and the conjunction fallacy of future K-8 teachers with the thought that a better understanding of these misconceptions will guide curricular reforms and lead future teachers to a solid background in probability and statistics.
The final sample was weighted to represent the distribution of young people 15-24 years of age based on the 2001 census, with a particular focus on ensuring representativeness based on sex, age, race, province, and rural or urban residence.
The representativeness rule dictates that all phases of the allocative process must reflect the basic concerns, values, and outlook of important subgroups in the population of individuals affected by the allocative process.
A content validity study can provide information on the representativeness and clarity of each item and a preliminary analysis of the factorial validity.
It will report to the National Assembly later this year on issues including voting systems, the frequency of local government elections, the representativeness of councillors and the turnout at local polls.
Despite the efforts of the introduction and the first chapter, the representativeness of the works of the five writers within the context of the literary Left is never fully documented.
Representativeness -- geographic, racial, and sexual -- seems to matter perhaps more than it should in all such lists.
Chen does not examine how the Christianity of both Ah Quin and Ng Poon Chew, who edited the ChineseWestern Daily featured prominently in Chen's discussion of twentieth-century affairs, affected their representativeness as spokesmen for "Chinese San Francisco.
The answer has to be yes, not so much for his personal achievement, which was relatively minor, but for his representativeness of the lifestyle of a social stratum that in the later '60s and through the '70s infiltrated Britain--for good or ill--far beyond the upholstered Mayfair and dropout Morocco of Fraser's immediate world.
He finally compares the University of Washington Libraries' survey with LibQUAL+ in such areas as response and representativeness of survey population, similarities and differences in results, and whether the right questions are being asked.