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Synonyms for representative

Synonyms for representative

one that is representative of a group or class

one who stands for another

serving as a symbol

serving to describe

Synonyms for representative

a member of the United States House of Representatives

an item of information that is typical of a class or group

serving to represent or typify

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standing for something else

being or characteristic of government by representation in which citizens exercise power through elected officers and representatives

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c) permanently barring and enjoining any and all members of the Settlement Class from instituting, commencing, prosecuting, participating in or continuing any action or other proceeding in any court or tribunal of this or any other jurisdiction, either directly, representatively, derivatively or in any other capacity, asserting any claims that arise out of, or in any way relate to, the Released Claims;
Representatively, in his 1873 Studies in the History of the Renaissance, Pater has little respect for what he calls the "mere antiquarianism" of seeking correct attributions (78).
It's understood that he could play representatively for Wales in three years through residency - if he chooses to.
As a result, selected outstanding sources from these locations will be presented here briefly and representatively, that have now been catalogued in detail for the first time.
Weighted data provide better data for generalization to studies done at the individual level of analysis, assuming that the individuals in such a study are representatively drawn from the general population.
Steven Connor draws attention to this anomaly: "Many of these popular forms and practices have a claim to be representatively postmodern in themselves, even though they may be forms and practices which never passed through any recognizably modernist phase.
Our subject can be more representatively explored, I think, by reflecting on courtly custom and literary expression in the courts of three monarchs, one each from the twelfth, fourteenth, and sixteenth centuries.
The untitled sculptures (all works 2009), presented on strategically discordant plinths laminated with high-finish wood veneers like modernist stereo cabinetry, were anthropomorphized tangles of Chippendale cabrioles--alternately wriggling and lolling, they read like casualties of wayward butchering or some unspecified teratogenic mishap, as, for instance, in the representatively queasy evocation of both surplus limbs and animal carcasses in Untitled (legs) #15.
Giebel A, Wendroth O, Reuter HI, Kersebaum K-C, Schwarz J (2006) How representatively can we sample soil mineral nitrogen?
Every subject needed to identify 4 pictures; the 4 pictures were randomly selected from all the 8 pictures, which made the data more representatively.
Representatively, this respondent wanted to keep her children on a path toward realizing their dreams: "If I have money I will expand my business to sell groundnuts (peanuts) and rice beans in large quantities so that l can sponsor my children properly" (i.
Ellis's new black artist must wed traditional black folkloric culture with mainstream general popular culture in order to articulate a black voice that can speak representatively for African American culture in the post-1980s era.
25,38) Their analysis representatively sampled hundreds of programs from 10 of the most frequently watched channels, including at least four episodes of each program covered in our survey,: Each episode was parsed into distinct scenes, and researchers coded the presence of any sexual behavior (physical flirting, passionate kissing, intimate touching, and implied or depicted intercourse) and sexual talk (e.
circumstances that are at once representatively psychological and
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