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Synonyms for representative

Synonyms for representative

one that is representative of a group or class

one who stands for another

serving as a symbol

serving to describe

Synonyms for representative

a member of the United States House of Representatives

an item of information that is typical of a class or group

serving to represent or typify

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standing for something else

being or characteristic of government by representation in which citizens exercise power through elected officers and representatives

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The London Quarterly Review representatively claimed in 1864 that "Sir Charles is not only a distinguished artist, but .
Representatively, Richmond [38] also introduced an expression for the mutual impedance of nonplanar-skew dipoles.
During the 2nd round of screening, from the population of N = 457,a second cohort of 141 children was selected based on their alphabet and rhyme scores and the need to representatively sample across all of the schools involved in the project.
Donald Anderson comments, representatively, that 'Ford's use of the heart and banquet imagery .
Results revealed that Braconidae, even at the level of subfamily, can be used for environmental monitoring and that only the planting of native tree species in the study area can change representatively its diversity.
and the ET1 sense of CHI is representatively unique in Chinese.
The representatively selected pamphlets range from 'Hereafter ensue the trew encountre' (1513), to 'A True Relaton of the Late Battel fought in New England' (1637).
This is not to say that Emin's work and spiritual outlook are representatively 'postmodern', but that this is the context in which her work is seen.
The analysis proposed offers to explore diverse attitudes representatively manifest in Romantic responses to Burke, Wollstonecraft, Paine, and Godwin's discourses but also to contemporary grammarians and their works.
The size of sample likely generated insufficient variance for a tenable eigenvalue-of-one solution, but the variance obtained with the representatively diverse sample was sufficient for other criteria to indicate a viable solution.
A larger study in the future with a more diverse sample to reflect the culture more representatively is necessary.
Testing L2 students with different levels of proficiency and with a wider range of vocabulary knowledge would produce greater representatively, and add to the validity of the conclusion of this study.
It's understood that he could play representatively for Wales in three years through residency - if he chooses to.
As a result, selected outstanding sources from these locations will be presented here briefly and representatively, that have now been catalogued in detail for the first time.
Weighted data provide better data for generalization to studies done at the individual level of analysis, assuming that the individuals in such a study are representatively drawn from the general population.
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