representational process

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For Reid, consciousness is a first-order representational process in which a mental state with a particular content suggests the application of recognitional concepts in forming beliefs or judgements to the effect that one is currently undergoing a state with that content.
Any robust account of the representational process must accommodate such examples, along with the excessively familiar portraits of Dukes, drawings of railway lines rendered in perspective and the ubiquitous unicorn-pictures that (as it is claimed) reduce substitutional stories about representation to absurdity because there are no unicorns for which they might be substituted.
In those cases where the superstructural apparatus has taken over altogether, leaving little or no role for resemblance in the representational process, the Justification for speaking of a picture is gone.
A representational process in children's understanding of problems corresponding to the derivations in the semantic analysis is postulated which explains the relative difficulty of different kinds of word problems.
To follow my iconographic analysis of the Duomo, however, another digression is needed, in this case to grasp certain further peculiarities of the representational process in question and the problematics of our access to it.
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