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(used especially of art) depicting objects, figures,or scenes as seen

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Cash prizes of P300,000, P200,000, and P100,000 await the top three winners in the representational and nonrepresentational categories.
This volume consists of 18 essays that consider how make-believe theory can be used to explain the creation of fictional truths in representational arts like novels, film, poetry, plays, games, music, and virtual reality.
Whether they are representational is determined by the role they play in larger organismic and environmental contexts; it is typically the organism in which the mechanism is embedded that has interests and goals, and these are determined in part by the nature of its environmental niche.
With thoughts of returning to representational painting, he began to search the city for inspirational subject matter.
According to Burge, for individuals to have representational states, it is not necessary, for example, that they themselves separate seems from is; it is enough if their subsystems ate able to do so.
The focus groups revealed that not many differences were noticed in patient reaction to the realistic nature image and the nature-based abstract representational art.
It's such a mouthful that whenever anyone discusses the representational side they refer to it by anything but its expensively-appointed title.
In relation to these structural-functional theories, the notion of "layering" thus refers in the first place to a layered organization of the clausal and nominal syntagms, with (at least) two layers/levels/domains/zones in which interpersonal and representational aspects are encoded and more fine-grained distinctions within these two layers.
while the other leaves room for de re attitudes lacking such elements in their representational contents.
This adaptation, Brown demonstrates, took place only gradually; as late as the nineteenth century, dramatists were still experimenting with combinations of representational modes.
The agreement is set to step into effect on 1 June, with the full transfer of representational rights to ALPA.
I always gravitated toward representational work,'' he said.
This method, based on eDNA representational difference analysis (cDNA RDA), uses 96 hexanucleotides that are not suitable for priming ribosomal RNAs but that normally prime most of the genome of an RNA virus as primers for reverse transcription in eDNA RDA (1).
Now, he and Linda Evans, also of Macquarie University, have used a different approach that's "given us confidence," he says, to label the chicken clucks as representational signals.
The curators serendipitously discovered artworks that hinted of traditional, representational Gardens but found new inspiration in Walpole's ideas of modernism and naturalism.
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