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5) This, of course, is a DA-centric viewpoint, but is consistent with the DA process, which seeks the optimal fit to observations and prior information within the space of feasible solutions, that is, representable by the forecast model that is used.
Esta vida que se mueve, se articula en diferentes escalas y es representable, exige el desarrollo de multiples practicas locales y globales de gestion.
Smaller foodservice vendors, however, are acquiring these products from retail channels more, and thus are not representable in AFH sales but rather in retail sales.
Press's poems are similarly potent, unapologetically disruptive and taboo-smashing, animated by a black wit that tears at the seams of representable experience.
En busca de la satisfaccion de sus intereses, los que se constituyen en el mismo proceso en el que se elaboran las creencias, en el juego de suplementariedad entre lo representable, lo representado y el representante -es decir, que no son preexistentes, como se desprende del planteo de Van Dijk-, es que se desarrollan las operaciones ideologicas de encarnacion y condensacion en busca del "cierre y la transparencia de la comunidad": la preservacion/recuperacion del statu quo como sinonimo de orden; la libertad individual como garantia de justicia, una sociedad sin explotadores ni explotados encarnada en el triunfo del proletariado.
La primera rechaza la democracia representativa y argumenta que la multitud no es representable, pues es "un agente activo autoorganizado, antiestatista y antipopular".
Figure 5 depicts a representable example of 2 days of these ongoing measurements, in which both MUF and UF resins were applied.
As Bill Brown observes in A Sense of Things: The Object Matter of American Literature (2003), analyses addressed squarely at the "things" of mass culture, engaging with the objects of mass culture on their own terms, might paradoxically leave "things behind, never quite asking how they become recognizable, representable, and exchangeable to begin with" (4).
For case 3, the sum of the computed roots is exactly 2[beta] since this is a representable number.
Precisamente porque el fenomeno como tal no puede ser inmediatamente "racional" o continuo, sino que solo puede serlo en relacion con su genesis, el naturalismo culmina aqui en el callejon sin salida de una unidad impuesta a la representacion, pero que para ella como representacion es esencialmente irrecuperable, precisamente porque no es representable sino posibilitadora del representar mismo.
BAC FM also started re-training of all car park staff to create a more efficient and customer centric culture as well as introducing a new uniform that is more representable of the nation's gateway to the world.
The percentage of local suppliers, who have stated that they have been harmed from steel importing, were not representable, and the statistics they have shown me do not indicate that they were harmed by steel imports, which represents only 10% of steel market in Egypt in the first half of 2014.
Some of the methodological challenges that van Eiferen identifies in Gothic Music are not fully surmounted by her book, most notably the problem of music analysis when essential aspects of the music--timbre, texture, production are not easily representable through extant analytic paradigms.
The author argues, contra Nagel, that questions about the intelligibility of locating consciousness in the objectively representable world should be asked relative to the kinds of objectivity provided for by our spatial thought.
I see that as a basic thing in art--representing the unknown, or representing what is not representable.