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  • verb

Synonyms for reprehend

to feel or express strong disapproval of

Words related to reprehend

express strong disapproval of

References in classic literature ?
Holy Father,'' said the chief Outlaw, ``it grieves me to think that you have met with such usage from any of my followers, as calls for your fatherly reprehension.
D'abord, on dit << panegyrique >> au lieu d'une autre chose, par exemple, d'hymnes aux dieux, de louanges d'hommes vivants ou decedes, d'exhortations, de chants funebres, de reprehensions pour immoralites et d'eloges de la vertu.
It is widely accepted that the woes of China's healthcare have been a result of various system failures, and the health bureaucracy has unfortunately been the natural and immediate institution subject to enormous reprehensions.
As befits a volume of essays derived from an academic conference, we meet, in this stimulating collection on John Bunyan, a variety of Bunyans and of Bunyan-esque concerns, anxieties, desires, strategies, reprehensions, troubles, neuroses, and transformations.
It is as if these men think that because they are footballers they are somehow better than us, undeserving of any legal reprehensions for their behaviour with some self-appointed god-like status.