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Synonyms for reprehensibly

in a manner or to a degree deserving blame or censure


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Director of the Syriac Orthodox Patriarchal Council Bishop Jean Qawwaq recited a statement issued by the Syriac Orthodox and Greek Orthodox patriarchates, in which he addressed the issue of the abducted Metropolitans and holding the international community, international organizations, and all those who are in power yet do nothing, responsible for remaining reprehensibly silent over the abduction issue.
The defendant had suffered "an emotional melt down" under financial pressures and appreciated that he had acted reprehensibly.
This reasoning explains why a strictly liable duty holder who reprehensibly rejects the duty to exercise reasonable care is subject to punitive damages.
Daher concluded that Hezbollah has reprehensibly reached the point where it wages its aggression against the President of the Republic for his attachment to the Constitution and the unity of the Lebanese people; and for refusing to maintain silence towards the Party's aberrant practices.
The main suggestion was that, reprehensibly, he survived every difficulty" (Said 2000, 62).
Woodruff was straight, which the film makes abundantly clear--and reprehensibly homophobic--but his newfound outcast status inspired a sense of empathy toward his HIV-positive peers that not only motivated his actions but also serves as this exceptionally well-handled pie's most valuable takeaway.
Andy Hoyt sent the HSUS when his ag gag measure passed: "I am extremely pleased that we were able to pass HB 1191 today to help protect livestock in Tennessee from suffering months of needless investigation that propagandist groups of radical animal activists, like your fraudulent and reprehensibly disgusting organization of maligned animal abuse profiteering corporatists, who are intent on using animals the same way human-traffickers use 17 year old women.
But, sadly, reprehensibly, we also continue, all too often, to deviate from it.
This--not the mere fact that it offended some Christians--is what was reprehensibly wrong with it.
Reprehensibly, she referred to these treacherous criminals involved in a coup d'Atat as human rights activists, political detainees, medics and doctors.
The mother is taken into the searching cabin and is reprehensibly forced by the guards to undress.
Again we just do not know and quite reprehensibly no one is giving the membership of both organizations any clue.
On the one hand the sign is clear enough: January is destructively foolish and May is reprehensibly shrewd.
The openly vocalised homophobia of President Jacob Zuma (BBC 2006), and his government's silence on matters relating to gay rights in Africa, succinctly captures a social situation where a belief that homosexuality is reprehensibly unAfrican is prevalent.