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The circuit court decided that GEICO's conduct, "while not admirable, was of low to moderate reprehensibility.
authorized or imposed in comparable cases, with the reprehensibility of
408 (2003) (elaborating the reprehensibility criterion and the relationship-to-harm criterion).
108) However, a defendant's knowledge of the moral reprehensibility of his behavior will generally lead to the conclusion that his ignorance as to the wrongfulness of his behavior was avoidable.
For only distance is capable of providing a veil thick enough to obfuscate its moral reprehensibility.
Rather the purpose of punitive damages is to punish the defendant for the reprehensibility of his behavior.
He accepted the reprehensibility of such attacks; he sought not to defend them, but to deny the existence of murder plots by himself or fellow English Catholics abroad.
This is also decisively known from singular-transmitted (ahad) reports, which in their totality do not admit doubt although they might on their own, as [expounded earlier] regarding the reprehensibility of innovation.
The Supreme Court held that three guidelines help to determine whether a punitive damages award violates constitutional due process: first, the reprehensibility of the conduct being punished; second, the reasonableness of the relationship between the harm and the award; and third, the difference between the award and the civil penalties authorized in comparable cases.
Also, carefully calibrating the reprehensibility of the
148) The court also upheld the award of punitive damages, finding it was justified due to the reprehensibility of the defendants' conduct, the relationship between the punitive damages award, the compensatory damages award and the harm done, and the amount of the award in proportion to each defendant's net worth.
The usage of state incomes to those elections is also condemned, due to the moral reprehensibility of the usage of resources charged from the taxpayer in order to finance something in which they do not believe or understand as essential.
Rather than awarding a single punitive damage award in each case, under the multiplier approach, a jury sets a mathematical relationship between punitive and compensatory damages by establishing a dollar-for-dollar ratio after hearing evidence of the reprehensibility of the defendant's conduct, including consideration of the harm to nonparties.
The Court, per Justice Stevens, set forth a legal standard composing of three guideposts: (1) the degree of reprehensibility, (2) the disparity between the harm and the punitive damages, and (3) the difference between the punitive damages and the civil penalties imposed or authorized in other cases.
The reprehensibility of the justification he gives aside, the exception that Kant makes for criminals seems to support the idea that he has cast aside self-mastery as sole criterion for membership, because the problem with criminals in bondage is that they have become "the property (dominium) of another, who is accordingly not merely his master (herus) but also his owner (dominus) and therefore can alienate him as a thing" (6:330).