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put in a new, usually larger, pot

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Repot when its roots reach the edge of its pot and move it on a couple of sizes each time.
The Spokesman said in a phone call by the Nigerian ambassador with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, following his return to Khartoum evening Wednesday, the diplomat has stressed the incorrectness of the circulated repot and that the position of his country has never changed and that it stands with the African consensus in supporting Sudan without any hesitation.
According to a repot in ECN Asia Magazine, these systems reduce the amount of fuel injected into engines, and reduce emissions while increasing engine efficiency.
After root pruning, put fresh soil into the container, repot your shrub or tree and, as an additional measure to control growth, selectively prune out one-third of the plant's shoots and foliar growth.
After the plants develop their first true leaves, I like to repot them, burying most of the stem.
Topics covered in this brief repot include: (1) In the Beginning; (2) Forty Years of Accomplishments; (3) Improving Access to Higher Education Opportunities and Resources; (4) Promoting Innovation and Technology in the Knowledge Economy; (5) Promoting Statewide Teamwork and Accountability; and (6) What's Next.
They may assist coping with survival-of-the-fittest syndrome as you repot your career.
If your plants are "pot bound,' repot them in a new pot no more than two inches larger, or simply prune the top and the roots in equal proportion and repot into the same pot with fresh soil.
If your orchid came in a clear plastic pot, don't repot it.
Tenders are invited for Financial appraisal of revised project repot of jhanjra pslw phase-ii ug mine (capacity- 1.
Repot greenhouse tomatoes when they outgrow their pots and pinch out sideshoots, which can then be treated as cuttings ?
Repot your plant annually after it has finished flowering.
Repot into fresh compost, prune back and water frequently to encourage new growth.