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  • verb

Synonyms for repossess

to get back

to occupy or take again

Synonyms for repossess

claim back

regain possession of something


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A wrongful repossessor is also someone who takes an abandoned chattel emitting an irreversibly strong signal, even if the chattel is not destroyed.
With that in mind, I did have one advantage that your average repossessor might not have.
See New York Attorney General Issues a Warning to Repossessors, Am.
Any ancillary benefit provided to repossessors is irrelevant for the purposes of self-help.
He is now demanding the money back or he will call the police and repossessors to get the implants back.
The six new vendors are The Advantage Network, Apex Print Technologies, Professional Recovery Services of Minnesota, Harland Financial Solutions, Repossessors Inc.
And, when the house is resold by the repossessors, are the previous owners still liable to pay?