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  • verb

Synonyms for repossess

to get back

to occupy or take again

Synonyms for repossess

claim back

regain possession of something


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However, this time, the plaintiff managed to repossess the car of the Deputy Attorney General as well, the only problem being that Rikkos Erotokritou lives in another town, and would need to find alternative transport to get home.
The families were informed they could remain in the properties for as long as they wanted under the tenancy agreement but because the mortgage applications were found to be based on false information, the lenders now have a right to repossess the homes.
The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has announced that Non Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) can repossess assets in case consumers default on loans taken against them.
Wells Fargo sued Country Coach to enforce the terms of its loan agreement, which the bank claims gives it the right to repossess and liquidate Country Coach's personal property assets.
When a borrower defaults on a loan secured by real property, the lender may foreclose or repossess.
The truth is that a vehicle with outstanding finance belongs to the finance house, which has the legal right to repossess that vehicle at any time, without warning, says HPI.
My house is already on the market for sale, can my mortgage company still repossess it?
When repeated attempts to contact her failed, the shop's area manager attended her home on May 5 to repossess the goods.
based Charles Gallagher also said the CU had no cross-collateral clause in the mortgage contract, which would let them repossess the car in the event she fell behind on mortgage payments.
The Government has announced plans to close a legal loophole which enables lenders to repossess people's homes without going to court.
THE Government today announced plans to close a legal loophole which enables lenders to repossess homes without going to court.
Leamington lawyer Rachael Allsop, an assistant solicitor specialising in property at Rugby Road firm Blythe Liggins, said a private members bill now going through the House of Commons could soon make it more difficult for lenders to repossess a home.