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the act of placing in a new position

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Beattie continued, "We remain confident in our repositioning efforts and, in fact, are accelerating the execution of the Elizabeth Arden brand repositioning.
Drug repositioning is a major approach in our overall strategy to identify novel treatments for DMD as efficiently as possible," said Gene Williams, chief executive officer of DART Therapeutics.
If he thought so much about not getting caught on camera while stealing, did it not strike him at all that repositioning the camera would give him away?
The repositioning of these assets provides further opportunity for capital appreciation.
After our initial testing of hip rotation and extension, trunk rotation, shoulder abduction and brachial chain examination, we taught this athlete how to breathe by using more of his diaphragm (belly breathing) and to perform a pelvic repositioning exercise.
Equipment training, policy training, and ergonomic body mechanics should all be covered in detail with all personnel who will be responsible for transferring or repositioning patients.
These product innovations would provide needed credibility in terms of repositioning DEKALB as a leader in seed corn technology.
Companies which offer repositioning cruises include Airtours SunCruises (08701 577775), Costa Cruises (020 7323 3333), Festival Cruises (020 7734 0005), Fred Olsen Cruises (01473 292222), Orient Lines (020 7959 5900), Norwegian Cruise Lines (0800 181560), P&O Cruises (020 7800 2222), Thomson Cruises (0990 502 562) Princess Cruises (020 7800 2468), and The Cruise Line (01273 835333).
After four days of wrestling with issues from global affairs to new technology, from creativity to cross-cultural strategies, the symposium participants were tasked with trying to solve a real-world case-study problem, the repositioning of the Korean chaebol LG Corp.
6] Epley reported 100% success in 30 patients with the canalith repositioning maneuver.
Menning likened the challenge he faces in repositioning FutureNet to those faced by Amway and Herbalife, two multilevel marketing firms that overcame bad publicity arising from their own run-ins with government regulators.
Researchers at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions in Baltimore have performed 17 retinal repositioning operations on people with scarring precariously close to the center of the macula.
Repositioning will mean any program undertaken to improve a building's competitiveness in the market and ultimately enhance its value.
This investment will support the turnaround and repositioning program.
NEW YORK -- Citigroup today announced a series of repositioning actions that will further reduce expenses and improve efficiency across the company while maintaining Citi's unique capabilities to serve clients, especially in the emerging markets.