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depositing in a warehouse

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Several samples were collected for serial sectioning and for repositing in the New Brunswick Museum (NBMG).
It is against the Aryan model, of course, that Martin Bernal has written in his Black Athena (1987), repositing an older 'Ancient model' of cultural--and philosophical--permeations from other cultures, accomplished by trade, travel, migration, conquests and assimilations, inter-marriage and, simply, fashion.
These new concepts are the catalysts for the creation of new types of shopping and entertainment centers and the revitalization and repositing of retail districts.
provide a distributed archiving facility for repositing and preserving electronic community records across the regional, rural and remote areas of NSW
The constructivist slogan to change the teacher's role from "the sage on the stage" to "the guide on the side" may represent a useful image for repositing faculty's perceptions about teaching with technology.