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made known or told about


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The first research question focused on the characteristics of ACPs as reported in the literature.
The new requirements call for firms to notify the peer reviewer of any communications about allegations or investigations (including litigation) relating to the conduct of an accounting, audit or attestation engagement performed and reported on by the firm.
Units that do file the report show a need for resource allocation based on reported status.
To achieve the objective of triggering local public health response, automated electronic systems should consistently report cases that would have been reported by conventional methods.
During a recent Webcast on this topic, Hyperion conducted an informal poll of finance and IT managers and found that more than half of the companies are still using spreadsheets and multiple general ledger systems for consolidation and reporting, and almost half reported financial closing and reporting cycles of 11 business days or longer.
In terms of semiannual reports, the permittee has to submit written reports of any failure to meet an applicable emission limitation or standard contained in the permit and/or any failure to comply with or complete a work practice standard or requirement contained in the permit otherwise not reported in accordance with conditions.
The special committee reported that a broader business reporting model would:
Like all other wages, the compensatory spread is subject to income and FICA tax withholding and is reported as a component of the total amount of wages in Boxes 1, 3 (up to the FICA wage base), and 5 of the annual Form W-2 (or W-2c).
According to Experian, these errors can be the result of several factors: (1) the consumer payment history is reported incorrectly by an information or loan provider; (2) the consumer causes a mistake by using his or her name inconsistently (i.
To the contrary, hate crime data are collected by capturing additional information about offenses already being reported.
Our owners feel a very personal connection with Coca-Cola," the manager reported.
The Police Commission investigation said police officials claimed at a city planning hearing that a PACMIS report documented ``numerous crimes reported and arrests made in this area.
More specifically, assets and liabilities must be reported at their values at plan year-end, rather than at historical cost.
Many transactions previously permitted to be reported on Form 5, such as stock option grants, exercises and cancellations, must now be reported on Form 4 within two business days.