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Synonyms for reportage

the reporting of news


Synonyms for reportage

the news as presented by reporters for newspapers or radio or television

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Reportage Group is also developing the 170-unit Leonardo Residence at Masdar City, due for completion in the first quarter of this year.
Je rappelle cette distinction fondatrice: le reportage montre, le documentaire demontre.
The winners were selected by a panel of judges - internationally renowned photographers Martin Grahame-Dunn and Kevin Mullins and leading photographers' agent and buyer Lisa Pritchard - across more than 20 categories including press and events, wedding reportage and fine art.
And so I did reportage like the 'House on Zapote Street' and 'The Boy Who Wanted to Become Society,'' Joaquin said when he received the Ramon Magsaysay Award for Literature, Journalism and Creative Communication in 1996.
Avant de se diriger a Sfax a l'aide de six tunisiens pour realiser un reportage sur l'assassinat de Mohamed Zouari, il s'etait presente comme ecrivain allemand.
Reportage Real Estate was established in 2014 with a focus on the UAE real estate market.
Aref Ismaeil Al Khoori, chairman of Reportage Real Estate, said: "Reportage's aim is to be the market leader in its segment, developing and delivering property in Abu Dhabi that offers an outstanding value proposition, not only in terms of its quality and on-time delivery but also with regards to quality of living, community building and the promotion of environmental sustainability.
Le reportage comprend les arguments des sit-inneurs, de syndicalistes et des autorites representees par un responsable en charge de l'energie.
Decrivant la "misere" quotidienne, qui prevaut dans les camps de Tindouf, Vivian Salama, auteure de ce reportage, affirme "qu'une nouvelle generation est en train d'arriver a sa majorite en nourrissant des sentiments de frustrations a cause de la perpetuation du conflit du Sahara", en soulignant que la rupture est totalement consommee entre cette jeunesse, qui constitue une grande majorite des populations de Tindouf, et les chefs des separatistes.
It's basically made up of academic courses in visual storytelling; it's an alternative means of education in photojournalism," said Abdallah about The Reportage Project.
The more recent--and less realized--institutional response is the reportage (reportaje) model.
Papers address the boundaries between fact, reportage, and fiction; the deployment of personal subjectivities in journalism; war and long-form journalism; colonialism, freedom struggles, and the politics of reportage; and the transformation of conventional journalistic genres.
Reportage is form of investigative journalism made popular in Vietnam in the 1930s.
SARAJEVO, March 8 (KUNA) -- Bosnian TV1 channel broadcast on Wednesday night a reportage on the Kuwaiti renaissance, hailing the level of progress the country reached.
Dilovan Barwary won the prize for his investigative reportage, entitled "Female Genital Mutilation in Kurdistan Region," that was published by Aswat al-Iraq and won a large local and international attention, through publishing it in several local and international newspapers and electronic positions.