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a written evaluation of a student's scholarship and deportment


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While the intent of a "free market" report card may be to incentivize states to make their regulatory systems more business oriented, it is not likely to have any significant impact one way or the other.
The 2014 Breastfeeding Report Card also found that breastfeeding rates continue to rise in the U.
In a nationally representative survey experiment, we analyzed how over 1,100 people interpreted different data formats by randomly assigning individuals a report card to view.
The report cards are a tool designed to meet the needs of healthcare consumers by enabling them to compare the quality and other characteristics of health plans and providers.
Congress and the Bush administration have not done enough to create a national ocean policy and to strengthen NOAA to the point that it can serve as the lead ocean agency, according to the report card, which gives leaders a D+ in the category of national ocean governance reform.
Because of these differences, an ethics report card exercise is useful because it requires thinking so can result in self-improvement whereas an exercise in moral judgment is a self-righteous display of firm preconceived notions.
One explanation for the underachievement, says Dennis Heretick, the Justice Department's chief information security officer, is that agencies were required to meet new standards last year that were not evaluated in past report cards, such as determining how frequently agencies applied software patches to known computer security flaws.
Secondly, report cards ensure individual accountability.
Heal the Bay's report card is based on bacterial tests made from June through October.
On the subject of labor issues, the report card gave the bishops failing grades in four areas: salaries--which NACST says lag about 23 percent behind public school teachers--job security, conflict resolution, and honoring the right to organize.
The Program has been identified as a model for managed competition and has been a pioneer in the development and dissemination of report card information to employees (Dowd and Feldman, 1994/1995).
Instead of spending hours writing up student report cards, a FileMaker Pro computer document is making life a lot easier for teachers in the Greenwich (Conn.
It gives more information to parents than a regular report card,'' said Brent Noyes, principal at Willow Elementary in Agoura Hills.
There are formal report cards showing cost and features of quality, patient satisfaction, length of stay; it's being demanded by purchasers.