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repair the joints of bricks

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Of course, more typically we get stupid stuff (Photo 9) and then we repoint, and then we paint and then we stucco.
Repoint features a patented arrangement of interlocking rail ends and a lift and drop mechanism which provides a locking system with virtually no friction losses.
Supported by the UK Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB), Repoint is the result of work carried out with industry experts into improved switches to override track switch failures, which can lead to train derailment.
We recommend that you repoint brick sills (Photo 1) and other horizontal brick surfaces (ledges, wall tops, etc.
Oh, and proof that, despite evidence to the contrary, builders don't actually need nine months to repoint a chimney.
Before you repoint, have the cavity checked to see if it is clear, then repoint.
FITCHBURG - A high point on the city skyline is under wraps as workers repoint the mortar joints on the brownstone clock tower of the Faith United Parish church on Main Street.
Six months of work to replace and repoint the stone and restore stained glass windows has been carried out.
Before that, lime was used so we must use lime rather than cement when we repoint older walls.
Work to completely repoint stonework on the four rooftop parapets and the east end turret is due to finish next month.
If there is no sign of internal dampness then why should the vendor rush to repoint this patch bang on sale time?
In the course of the next few months, Seaboard will clean the Synagogue's beige brick facade, repoint the masonry and restore the large terra-cotta center window.
Work is continuing to secure pinnacles, replace the clock, repoint the brickwork, put in new windows and secure a loose balcony.
A consortium led by Ricardo Rail is to develop the first installation of Repoint, a new ultra-high reliability railway point (switch) system designed by Loughborough University.