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repair the joints of bricks

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About RePoint Technologies : Founded in 2011, RePoint Technologies was the Inaugural Microsoft Office/SharePoint 2013 App development grand prize winner.
Hughes Network Systems and Electronic Data Systems Help Repoint Run Smoothly
Before you repoint, have the cavity checked to see if it is clear, then repoint.
Look out for Dave Bassett's advice to chairman Sam Hammam about builder and hodcarrier Vinnie Jones: "I told Sam, if he turns out to be useless we can always get him to repoint the terracing.
Caerphilly county council's Cabinet will be asked today to approve the pounds 50,000 spend which will pay for an "urgent scheme" to repoint the walls of the main building.
They will repoint and reconsolidate the stonework using a mixture of lime putty and gritty sand which closely matches the mortars used by the original Welsh masons in the 13th Century.
Before that, lime was used so we must use lime rather than cement when we repoint older walls.
Six months of work to replace and repoint the stone and restore stained glass windows has been carried out.
Work to completely repoint stonework on the four rooftop parapets and the east end turret is due to finish next month.
Oh, and proof that, despite evidence to the contrary, builders don't actually need nine months to repoint a chimney.
FITCHBURG - A high point on the city skyline is under wraps as workers repoint the mortar joints on the brownstone clock tower of the Faith United Parish church on Main Street.