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with cost of reply prepaid by sender

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COMPLETING the reply-paid card in the registration pack.
Furthermore, it has been suggested, by the direct-mail lobby in the United Kingdom, that there are differences in attitude toward and perception of different reply vehicles which results in many consumers regarding a reply-paid envelope or coupon as more professional than the use of a toll-free phone number.
The study package distributed to individual educators included information about the survey, participation and confidentiality, along with the survey form and a reply-paid envelope.
All tenants received ballot papers and a reply-paid envelope last month which must be returned to the ERBS by midday on December 15.
Those who then wish to find out more about Motability can request a free information pack by using a reply-paid postcard, freephone telephone number (0800 093 1000) or online at www.
A spokesman said: "For the first time, we gave out reply-paid envelopes.
More than 400 reply-paid postcards have now been returned to the council, with 50 per cent favouring an elected mayor and 25 per cent opting for the status quo.
The referendum forms will come with reply-paid envelopes from the ballot HQ and must be returned by May 22.
The survey, along with a reply-paid envelope, will be posted out early next month to a random sample of five percent of NZNO's 41,500 members.
An ONS spokesman said: "For the first time in the 2001 census we gave people reply-paid envelopes in which to post back census forms.
A total of 3,970,712 forms will be sent out, with reply-paid envelopes, starting next week.
IN THE past month I've been deluged by junk mail, so I write a rude word on the form, and return it in their reply-paid envelope.
They also advise people to spuriously apply for Bank of Scotland services using their reply-paid cards.